Saturday, January 17, 2009

Herald Rogers Its Own Poll

Great to see Don Brash calling Sir Roger Douglas the greatest living New Zealander.

Naturally, supporters of the ancien regime came out backing Uncle Helen.

Now, I see Granny continuing its own readers poll on who is best. But surely if you can vote for Uncle Helen, then surely you should be able to vote for Sir Roger, who is not on their list.

Sounds like Granny is rogering its own poll. See how Fran O'Sullivan today notes the former finance Minister's talents, saying:

Key would be better off swallowing his pride and listening to Act MP Sir Roger Douglas, who has confronted difficult economic times and knows there are no easy options.


jafapete said...

Now you know why The National Herald is "mainstream". Brash is not,and couldn't get elected, even after pandering to the rednecks and promising tax cuts that would have left us in a worse position to weather the global recession/depression.

But I like your idea that Key should seek Douglas' counsel. Maybe National might finish up getting as many votes as Douglas' party. Keep those ideas coming!

Anonymous said...

Well Richardson did far more than Roger ever did.
Far more bludgers were thrown into the gutter by Ruth than by Roger!

But can we at least put paid - once and for all - to the canard that "none of Roger's reforms were abolished". In fact, almost every single reform, and certainly every principle he espoused have been totally undone:

* Tax - even if the 39c rate was abolished tomorrow, AND all the Tories-piss-weak reforms enacted tomorrow NZers would still pay more tax than they did in 2002 under Helen. Fiscal Drag.
* KiwiBank - Roger sold state banks, now they're back again, fucking up the market
* KiwiRail - ditto
* AirNZ - ditto
* Telecom - Roger sold it, Helen renationalised it in all but name
* Minimum wage - indexed
* Benefits - have been increased, not eliminated
* ECA - supported directly by Roger, desiged to achieve the dramatic lowering of wages, very quickly. Completely destoyed by Labour
* Unions - need I say more. Roger tried to wipe them out, but Key is having them at his "jobs & dole party" next month
* Tertiary education vouchers - abolished for both private & public sector by Helen
* Support to private schools and hospitals - also abolished by labour
* Exchange rate allowed to get to a realistic level (0.3 US, 20p) -- propped up by Labour's poodle govenor
* 0-2pc inflation target, traded away by Labour - result inflation
* Government debt continually reduced -> government debt blowing out to 70%+ of GDP
* size of government continually reduced -> size of government is still blowing out (even under Key)

Unfinished Business? Hell no! Almost everything Roger+Ruth did needs to be done again, twice as fast and ten times as hard just to get back to NZ's economic position in 1993

WAKE UP said...

With no disrespect intended to Willie Apiata and the great Nancy Wake, the Herald's list of contenders is pathetic. Every nomination is activity-or-agenda specific, in the great Kiwi tradition of REDUCING things. We make miniatures here, "world famous in New Zealand".

Where's the one big name that bestrides everything like a colossus? Where's the CHURCHILL?

(and no, economics freaks, it ain't Roger - economics is not the only issue).

JC said...


When Churchill was given one of his periodic honours after the war, he said on one occasion that the honour should go to the British people "They had the hearts of lions.. I merely provided the roar".

So it's inspiration that counts.. and we are well short of people who have done that except in specialised fields.

Inevitably that takes us to rugby with Fred Allen, Brian Lockhore and Colin Meads. Meads in some ways is the least of the three but there's no doubt he was a national icon and inspired us both on and off the field for 30 odd years.. a representation of rugged individualism for 50 years.

If you don't like that you are indeed back to Roger Douglas in terms of his impact on NZ. He arrested a failing 1960s to 1980s economy and set the ground rules for the next 20 years of plenty.

Now virtually an old man he is still the only one to have been there and done it.. and still the man who has the ideas on what to do now.


pdm said...

Two very definite contenders not on the list:

Sir Bob Chalres

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa

With the exception of Sir Murray Halberg and Peter Snell (who should be Sir) they rate head and shoulders above those on the Herald list.

pdm said...

I apologise to Sir Bob for the typo in his surname.

Clunking Fist said...

"promising tax cuts that would have left us in a worse position to weather the global recession/depression."

Of course, the accompanying SPENDING CUTS would have left us in a good position. Numpty.

Anonymous said...

"Fran O'Sullivan today notes the former finance Minister's talents, saying:Key would be better off swallowing his pride and listening to Act MP Sir Roger Douglas, who has confronted difficult economic times and knows there are no easy options. "

Key will be totally aware of Sir Roger Douglas' position, and possibly has had discussions with him at some time.

Not having Douglas in Cabinet does not preclude giving consideration to those arguments.

WAKE UP said...

JC: appreciate you taking the time to think about what I wrote, but I repeat my earlier assertion - none of them are all-encompassing, LARGE.

Using Colin Meads (no offence to him) as an example:

you rugby heads are just going to have to get used to the fact that to a large number of people in this country, rugby means NOTHING (and indeed, a case can be made that it has diverted us from attending to matters of greater importance). Meads represents only a sector of the country.

So too does Kiri Te K, etc etc.

We should be looking for our own ABRAHAM LINCOLN, who addressed ALL men (and women).