Friday, January 23, 2009

Heather Roy's amazing healing powers

From 3 News last night: now she's in govt, Heather Roy finds our Skyhawks are in good shape, the latex coverings are doing their job, and yes there is at least one interested buyer. Who knew that such a dramatic improvement in the situation could be achieved simply by moving Heather Roy from the opposition to the govt benches? I bet Phil Goff feels pretty silly now, eh?

Naturally, one waits in vain for the dumbass journo to ask questions like:

"So, Phil Goff was right and you were wrong?"

"What effect do you think your constant talking down of the quality of the merchandise has had on the progress of the sale and its closing price?"


Lindsay said...

Ah. The cynicism of politics. Damned if you do - damned if you don't.

Lindsay said...

... because she could have taken Collins' approach:

Anonymous said...

Good post PM. We've always been at war with Eurasia.

Anonymous said...

haha good stuff PM. I love it how you get marked down in the star rating system when you write something that is completely obvious and true but doesnt fit with National GOOD Labour BAD mentality of most the readers and writers here.

ZenTiger said...

If politics is true to form, Phil Goff will shortly be announcing he was wrong and Roy was right.

End of the day, we've still turned the Skyhawks into roosters.

ZenTiger said...

This comment is gratuitous.

I just wanted to have as many comments as Lindsay and Anonymous on this thread.

Clunking Fist said...

In the article to which Lindsay links:
"One of the prisoners who escaped from a police paddy wagon has been rearrested overnight."

What's a paddy wagon?

Good to see the press/media PC brigade sometimes take a day off.

Psycho Milt said...

Lindsay: no offence intended to Heather Roy - govt is after all the science of applied hypocrisy, and I do have No Minister's history of determined unfairness to govt politicians to think of.

Clunking Fist: I believe "paddy wagon" is an obsolete English term denoting a Police van used for transporting drunk, violent and usually Irish crims - it's quite refreshingly un-PC indeed.

WAKE UP said...

To paraphrase a quote from the end of the Vietnam war:

The sound of Skyhawks coming home to roost has turned into a veritable beating of wings.

(PS - those interested in the definition of "paddy wagon" might find further wagon-related amusment by tracking the origin of the word "furphy" :)

Anonymous said...

Who knew that such a dramatic improvement in the situation could be achieved simply by moving Heather Roy from the opposition to the govt benches?

Umm - the fucking voters of NZ!!! DUH

Having a National government really does make a difference. Because National cares about NZ, while Labour cares only about itself. Under Labour, no-one cared about the skyhawks: but Roy does.

This, simply, is precisely why dramatic improvements in NZ are coming!

Yes - it's not what's really needed (30 F35s) to fix the air force. But it's a start.

To take another example: zero wage increases (not even "inflationary adjustments") for all civil servants for the next three years. That's a pay cut in real terms of about 15%.. That's real change workers can bank in terms of pay cuts.

It's not what's really needed - but it's a start.

Psycho Milt said...

the fucking voters of NZ!!!

Well, 3.5% of them, anyway...

Ollo Chubb said...

The end of that 3 news article was a give away. Roy's plan all along, flog off the old airframes and keep all the good parts for the Aermacchis back at Ohakea. Good.

Anonymous said...

Roy is right to keep the Aermacchis as they would fit in with the Flight Training regime. The Skyhawks actually have some appeal to private owners. The problem is the equipment is all F16 standard and too advanced to be released to private owners. I fear they are going to have to strip that equipment out unless the US agrees otherwise.