Monday, January 26, 2009

Gordon's shame! Icelandic bailout for freezing pensioners and possible government cash for terrorists!

As excellent Daily Mail columinist Richard Littlejohn might say: 'You couldn't make it up!'
First of the blocks comes this hilarious tale from Iceland, the poor bankrupt country suffering greatest from the various banking failures.
The Icelandic media folllowed up a story in the Daily Express about British pensioners dying from cold. The kindly Icelanders then began collecting wollens for the British old folk, and their shipload arrives this week! How shameful for a British government, having your old folk better cared for by a supposedly bankrupt people! Still the jumpers look nice and thick!
Now, contrast the plight of the old folk, dying in their freezing British homes, with a government with tens of billions for banking bail-outs and even millions more to feather the nests of families of Irish terrorists.
Apparantly some committee has come up with an idea of giving the families of those killed in the 'troubles', be they innocent victim or terrorist £12,000 to help them get over their deaths.
Naturally the opposition Tories reject the plan as 'blood money' . But let us think about it.
It does seem untoward giving cash to the people who committed such vile atrocities, be they on the Loyalist or Republican side. And when times are tough, as they are now, surely there are better things a government can spend taxpater money on than bailing out the families of killers!
No wonder with such nonsense around, support for Gordon Brown is on its way down again- now 15% behind Dave Cameron's Tories.
I can only hope New Zealand is spared such stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

I can only hope New Zealand is spared such stupidity.

Why? we've been living with it for the last 10 years: isn't that why you (and anyone else who can get out) is leaving!

Kind of worrying that almost none of these policies have been changed by the National/Maori government.