Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting frustrated while playing with your dongle!!!!

It's not very big, just a few inches long!

But I expect to get hours of pleasure, say an hour or two with each go.

Especially if I put it in the right hole!

Anyway, I hope I have joined the 21st century.

That I have finally 'mobilised' myself.

Now, I have a mate who used to work for Vodafone NZ.

He kept saying I should go mobile and have wireless/mobile internet installed on my laptop.

Thus, I could do my work while sipping flat whites while overlooking the beach at Orewa.

It all sounded very attractive, but realistically, financially, it was not feasible.

But here in Britain, mobile broadband seems the in-thing.

The major telcos and ISPs are competing heavily and good deals, apparantly, are to be had.

Now, where my parents live out in the country, the telco would have to do engineering work costing £150 for broadband to work and there would be a minimum 12 month contract, so we'd be looking at £270 or $650.

So mobile broadband seemed to offer a solution.

A telco, 3, is offering a 'Mobile Broadband starter pack' for just under £100 ($250), which features 12 GB pre-paid access which can last upto a year and includes your 'dongle,' a device which may kill off the home phone.

So, yesterday in York I splashed out and took my new kit home.

Sadly, living just outside a village I did not get the coverage I expected.

It was slower than dial-up, if it would work at all in the kitchen. Upstairs was little better.

Thus, I took it back to the shop and the young lad re-installed it and got the system working properly.

Now, I am in a cafe and things seems to be working fine.

So here is my first post using my new fangled contraption.

Let us hope it works when I get home!

It's not just that I'm missing my online addiction.

It's that nights in watching telly every night, which is the UK way, is driving me ever more crazy.

Happy New Year to you all!


Shackleford Hurtmore said...

I have one of these. I bought it so that I could work when I was based at a customer site.

The customer site is the only place I can't get ANY signal.

If things get really tough, there is a little socket to connect a bigger antenna built in the side of the dongle. I guess you could get a better antenna from Maplins or suchwhere.

Good luck.


Sadly, while the mobile brioadband worked well in the city of York, just 10kms or so to the west, where I live, it did not.
I got some painfully slow coverage that did not allow you to open too many windows, so alas, i had to take it all back for a refund.
However, it appears my parents' house may not need £150 of engineering work after all to get broadband.
At least, that's what the Post office said yesterday.
It is interesting that many years ago, the post office supplied telephony.
This part was hived off as British Telecom and privatised.
But for the past few years, the state-owned post office now offers telephony as well as broadband.
Well, the post office is state owned for now.
There are plans to sell off partt of it as UK Liarbour is short of cash. and says it needs the investment from Dutch-owned TNT to maintain universal pricing and support the pension liabilities of former post office workers.