Friday, January 9, 2009

From Tears of a Clown to Tears of a 12-year-old Boy

"If I could wish, I would wish he would go away from us. He’ll probably die soon. Just because he’s the top player doesn’t mean he’s a good dad or a good person to be with. I don’t think there’s any point in helping him.”
Such is the heartbreak of 12-year-old son Reagan, talking about his father, former soccer star Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne.
Sun columnist Deirdre Sanders quotes the lad in her defence of ex-wife Sheryl going public on Gazza's drink and violence problems.
Indeed, her Channel 4 programme has led to some lively debate on the rights and wrongs of the programme, with blogger Iain Dale, for example, believing the ex should not have put the family through such trial by television.
Just typing in Gazza into Google reveals the extent of the debate as well as the issues of alcoholism and the problems it causes.
I never got to see the show but maybe it might have been too upsetting.
Knowing someone whose life is being ruined by drink, I can only hope those with drinking problems will see the programme and realise the effect their drinking has on their loved ones and how alcoholism ruins lives, not just those who suffer from it.
Thus, I particulalrly hope Surviving Gazza gets an airing in New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Why does anybody care about this loser?.
Gazza is a prick, a wife beater, a shocking father yet for some reason the Poms seem to love him.

Channel four are simply making the situation worse by giving him the coverage he craves, just let the low life crawl under a bridge somewhere and die.


KG said...

"Thus, I particularly hope Surviving Gazza gets an airing in New Zealand."

I particularly hope it doesn't.
We get enough nannying messages, thanks without needing to import Brit shit to add to them.

WAKE UP said...

It is possible that our society will never grow up until we come to grips with the ambivalence over boofhead sport/alcohol culture, and its supposed "role modelling". Why expect anything - except hypocrisy?

Mike said...

Let's hope that Jesse Ryder sees the program.

Inventory2 said...

Indeed Mike - just posted about him

Clunking Fist said...

Wow. I sure hope my children never have reason to say that about me...

I wonder how Gazz felt about the comments?