Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Festive season draws to a close at Barnsley manor

Expected to spend xmas alone, in my pool, like a hippo.

Eight for dinner xmas eve
Eight for lunch xmas day
Eight for a feed, swim and drunken stupidity on new years eve.
A cumulative 64 bodies slept over between the 23rd December and the 3rd of January.
8 dozen eggs, 6 kilos of streaky bacon, 2 truckloads of empties to the tip and an absolute mountain of other lesser foods.
Barnsley manor is now shut to visitors until February.
Now spending a few days alone, in my pool, like a hippo.
Blogging will resume soon.
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Psycho Milt said...

Well, there you go - as well as the pool there was a large supply of bacon and eggs and a fridge full of drinks. When it comes to repelling visitors, isn't this the equivalent of keeping sharks away by chucking buckets of blood and fishguts in the water?

Anonymous said...

Crikey PM, FFM, Adolf et al. Is this what No Minister has become? a teenage diary for rogue tabloid , motionally mal adjusted pseudobloggers?

(ahem, tongue in cheek fellas)

Barnsley Bill said...

BoomTownTwat, you can keep knocking all you like but they will not let you in.
PM, I actually made a small profit on the food and booze. Everybody that came up was told to bring their own. It worked, I have boxes of beer left and the fridge and freezer are bursting. I may well not leave the acreage for a week.
Oh and I am not "motionally mal adjusted". Regular as clockwork me. Twice a day since the day before time began. Might I suggest you go find a nice big dictionary and hit yourself in the head with it until you are a little less rubbish. Because "motionally mal adjusted" may well be some sort of seizure one has when taking a shit, but I do not think that was what you meant.

Anonymous said...

Twice a day?

Doesn't sound normal Bill. You might need a date with a fibre optic metallic flexible snake and bit of hypnovel.

Have you been lacking in energy and irritable lately?

Barnsley Bill said...

Only all my life.

showmethetaxcut said...

Thought there must have been a semi decent reason why you haven't been blogging of late.

Can't say you have missed much to blog about anyway. Other than everyones obsession with the Israeli Hamas affair (assuming you might be remotely interested anyway). Personally could not give a shit. The middle east is an insoluble problem.

Barnsley Bill said...

I agree, if the Russians would stop selling rockets to Iran, if the Iranians would stop smuggling rockets to Hamas, if Hamas would stop firing rockets into Israel. If my auntie had bollocks... Same shit different decade.
Also I have found some personal happiness over the last few weeks and have taken positive steps to get a rather annoying health problem fixed.. So am having trouble maintaining the rage.. I am sure it will return though.

showmethetaxcut said...

Fair enough. You're getting sex or a love life at least? Right? In addition to leading a healthier life of course.


Great to see you have been enjoying yourself BB and sorting out other matters.
There are far worse places than the Bay of Islands for the 'festive season'.
I am sure you can think of something to blog about now.
And there's nothing wrong with a bit of tabloid BTP.