Thursday, January 8, 2009

“There’s a sense of doom that’s greater than the reality right now.”

And so after much fanfare, as well as a large conga dance in one outlet, the last of the Woolworths finally closed on Tuesday.

I managed to pop into on last Friday in the Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough.

And what a depressing site it was.

Hardly anything left on the shelves bar a few Christmas cards, a few dolls, a few kids clothes and a few CDs. Nothing I wanted to buy.

Still, my mum bought a couple of Christmas cards to say we had got something from our final Wollies shop, not that we were ever regulars or fans of the chain.

But it did seem a little sad seeing something once so dominant on the High Street disappear to nothing.

As we overheard one shopper among the wreckage: "It's so sad. It's like we're picking the bones of a carcass!"

Meanwhile, as predicted, other retailers are falling by the wayside, and Marks and Spender has just announced 1,000 redundnancies. Next and Debenhams announced their Christmas sales figures yesterday, but the boss of Next wondered if we had all overhyped the credit crunch and the slump we are seeing.

“There’s a sense of doom that’s greater than the reality right now.”

Indeed, there is certainly much gloom, and my parents seem more optimistic than I.

However, even the government here admits, the economy is in for a tough time, worse than feared with the recession lasting until 2011! I guess only time will tell. But are we overdoing the doom and gloom>


Anonymous said...

millions unemployed from private businesses

not one bludger off the dole

not one civil servant begging in the gutter

can you see anything at all wrong with this picture

Clunking Fist said...

Civil servants are seldom civil?