Monday, January 5, 2009

The Egg That Squeaked

Does anyone remember that marvelous movie of the sixties (I think) called 'The Mouse That Roared'?

Adolf starred in the recently made sequel.

It all began with a flight from Auckland to Perth, via Sydney. The airline will remain nameless but it was one of those where you buy a beer and a snack on board. (Say no more.)

Adolf perused the extensive menu - hot breakfast of eggs, sausage and hash brown or cold wrap. Being a person aware of matters dietary and cholesterol familial, Adolf chose hot breakfast.

There they were - two little malevolent yellow bleary eyes, staring up from a soggy chunk of once was hash and never was brown. Facing starvation Adolf closed his eyes and imagined it was all cordon bleu. It worked until he got to the egg, for when it hit the molars, I kid you not.

The bloody egg squeaked.


Anonymous said...

you kid not.

I had the same meal on a recent trip to Sydney and have never tasted anything as revolting. They really need to get their act together. If you closed your eyes, the eggs you speak of were actually unrecognisable as eggs, and the sausages, well the less said about them the better. As I remember the meal was $9.00. y advice take your own onboard~

Anonymous said...
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I flew Virgin Blue to Perth, stopping off at brisbane and Adelaide on the way.
I had beef stew or something and it wasn't too bad.
For really revolting food, try Lufthansa.
You cannot tell whether that piece of meat is turkey, pork or what.