Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't follow this stupidity National!

National's talk of extra infrastructure and help for small business is heartening.
But I do hope we in New Zealand can avoid the follies being followed in Britain.
It's not just Gordon Brown bankrupting Britain with nutty schemes, but also local councils.
True, the scheme seems funded by central government, but why should government step in like this?
As I say, the Golden Triangle is one of the nicer parts of Yorkshire. I should know, it's where I'm from and currently live.
But if you cannot pay your mortgage for whatever reason, you should not expect the taxpayer to foot the bill.
You should sell up and trade down or rent.
Yes, you might not get as much for your house as you want, but a few mortgagee sales will make homes more affordable for all.
Remember, we have been bleating about housing costs being too high in recent years, so why should prices falling back to a more acceptable level be seen as a crisis?
Lower house costs will mean that poorer and younger people will be able to move into the Golden Triangle.
Stopping such mortgagee sales like this will simply keep prices high and keep the poor out.
Furthermore, why should government, who takes money for such schemes, be taking cash from the poor to subsidise the mortgages of more affluent people.
But there's socialism for you!!
No there's a story the papers could follow in New Zealand, just as they have with this story that upset Cactus Kate.
But back to local councils. Perhaps if they narrowed their activities, then they just might get their core functions right, like emptying the bins on time!

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significanthazard said...

I see trade union members and CEO's of many Councils as being one and the same. There is no accountability!