Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do Goff and Cullen talk to each other?

The new National Government is grossly underestimating the severity of the economic crisis it faces, says Labour leader Phil Goff.
What crisis Phil? Dr Cullen said we would be immune from it - we wouldn't be affected. That's after he taxed most of NZ to poverty over nine years and then left the NACTional government with 1o years of deficits and no money for anything, especially money for 'fixing' the economic crisis.

I really can't believe he is permitted to say things like this with no retort from our MSM.


macdoctor said...

I will start to take notice of Mr. Goff's pronouncements when he makes some constructive suggestions on the "crisis" instead of just winging that National aren't doing enough.

So far, all we have from the man are veiled references to the wonders of December's Magical Mystery Budget.


Indeed Gooner, the MSM should be tackling Goff as to his solution and pointing out Cullen's previous statements.
Even the BBC has quizzed Goprdon Brown on his previous statements saying that the 'age of boom and bust were over' and that 'a weak currency was the sign of a weak economy, which is the sign of a weak government.'

KG said...

Hard to beat Goff's statement for sheer chutzpah...
The bastards should have been hanged. In public.