Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deja vu- under a pale, migraine-inducing eco-light

The links between New Zealand and Britain are somewhat uncanny.
See something happen in one country, it usually happens next in the other.
So I am somewhat taken by this week's fuss over those so-called ec-friendly lightbulbs.
You know, the ones containing deadly mercury that Ian Wishart got so excited about.
The UK government is 'voluntarily' withdrawing their sale as part of a wider European Union ban of traditional bulbs in the coming years.
Now, ordinary people don't seem as upset as Kiwis were when Helengrad proposed its own more sudden ban.
Thought it seems the Brits are stocking up on such bulbs.
Maybe there are more pressing worries like the Credit Crunch.
However, if anything seemed to encapsulate the nannying regime that we booted out in November, it was the light bulb ban, along with Liarbour's policy on dribbly showers.
So far, nothing like that seems proposed here yet.
But where are the UK Tories? Why aren't their bright sparks speaking out against the lightbulb ban? I have yet to hear them.
Doesn't it present a fine rallying cry for the people, something to similarly expose ZanuLiarbore's Nanny State too, the Daddy State, as it were, under Uncle Gordon.
Sadly, perhaps the UK Tories have fewer balls than ACT and National. And they seem incapable of seeing a populist measure they can exploit for their own ends.
Indeed, we have seen Tory leader Dave Cameron saying he wants to keep enviro-mental policies despite the recession.
And since such a lightbulb ban is being decreed by the European Superstate in Brussels, a British parliament would probably be impotent in overturning it in Britain's own backyard!


KG said...

Is Cameron in any way better than Brown? You have to wonder...
I suspect the Tories want to win the next election on the strength of dissatisfaction with Labour, without having to actually make a principled stand on anything.
That way, they roll nto power with all of the rotten laws intact.

Clunking Fist said...

KG, I thought there for a minute you were reviewing what Key and National did! Roffle.