Saturday, January 24, 2009

Credit crunch crime wave?

Politics is a funny game.
New crime figures yesterday for Britain showed a leap in crime, especially crimes said to be recession linked like theft and fraud.
The opposition Tories were blaming the recession for the figures, and the government admitted a link too, though they appeared reluctant to admit it first.
But a generation ago, in the Thatcher era, it was all different.
The Tories then tried to deny such a link. Well, crime was a stick Liarbore was beating them with in the recession-hit early 80s, just as the Tories are trying to attack Liarbour on crime today.
But isn't there more to the causes of crime than the simple state of the economy?
Surelty blaming crime on a recession just excuses it. And there should be no excuse for theft, burglary, robbery, assualt, etc. What about personal responsibility?
How sad the opportunitistic UK Tories under Dave Cameron are looking to blame UK Liarbore's mess of the economy for the problem when the causes are far deeper.
I can only hope John Key and National do not take the same route.
Now, UK Liarbore had apparantly hidden a top secret crime report warning of a credit crunch crime wave.
If memory serves me right, I think a similar report was produced for South Auckland some time back, warning of similar problems in Manukau. The papers mentioned it during all those shopkeeper attacks.
To avoid the same happening in New Zealand, National will have to dust off the report and act upon it.
I only hope they do.


Pique Oil said...

In the gas station game the plague of petrol theft is euphemistically called "drive offs" It is then further softened by the luvly wee chappies at the MSM who link the increase to rising petrol prices.
Utter crap.
Someone does not wake up and say to themselves that petrol went up 5 cents last night so today I will steal some.
The same applies to all crime. People do not suddenly become criminals. The risk and reward factor is the same as the forex dealers who are making squillions.
Everywhere we are seeing the Police struggle as basic crime has been let go in order to focus on the political whim of the day. We all will pay a high price for this.

Harpoon said...

FM: "Surelty blaming crime on a recession just excuses it. [SIC]

Errrmmm ... nope. Not if you rephrase the presumption in the sentence to -- for example -- "Surely suggesting a recession is one agravating factor in a tendency to increase criminality in a given population just excuses it?"

But of course you wouldn't want to write that because it's not snappy; it allows for shades of grey to slip into the debate. Not much fun for somebody who sees things in monotone, and wants his audience to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

You're either a worker, paying your own way -
a criminal stealing from others,

or a bludger stealing from others with the permission of the government.

the solution is the same: ban bludging, and remove civil rights from bludgers and crims.

Then the cops can do what the workers pay them to do - get rid of the crims.

Harpoon said...

Anon. You're such a brainless, thoughtless, listless pillock. That would make it okay (for example) for the Police to declare that everyone who posts comments on blog sitres with the handle 'anonymous' is a criminal.


There was a good piece in one of the Sundays yesterday noting the balance of risk and reward.
This, the columist said, explained why crime has fallen in many US cities.
The chances of being caught had been increased, along with the punishment.
Thus, it wasn't worth taking the risk any more for many criminals.
Thus, more police and tougher sentencing will work.