Friday, January 30, 2009

The Clark Highway

NACTional at last has put paid to the folly which was the Waterview tunnel. Well done Steven Joyce.

Not only did Labour fudge the published price and fail to actually allocate one penny of funding for this disastrous waste of money, but Transit failed by a cool billion dollars to accurately cost the project. Who was on the board at the time? Oh yes. That tacky fellow Mike Williams. Of course he would have had nothing to do with the decision to NOT build a six lane motorway in Helen Clark's back yard - would he?

Adolf reckons NACTional should direct Transit to keep bringing recommended options until they have one which resumes Helen Clark's house.

As a gesture of bipartisan reconciliation, the new motorway could be named 'The Clark Highway.'

You can just see where her house used to be - underneath the concrete truck in the lower right quadrant.


Anonymous said...

Clark said the highway would be built "over my dead body".

Figuratively speaking, that condition has been met.

So get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Key could auction the right to drive the bulldozer through here house & her electorate office!

And if she tries to stand in front of it - so be it

Key: Do you know how much damage the bulldozer will suffer when it rolls straight over you?
Helen: How much?
Key: None at all!! VROOOM


I recall that comment too anonymous.
But it certanly looks like Liarbour left National with another billion or so liability.
What with ACC and other holes, Liarbour were certainly dishonest with the voeters.
And to think they fought an election on trust.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Ha ha.