Sunday, January 11, 2009

By Now You'd All Be Fired

Adolf is a gentle, unassuming, tolerant and patient chap.

Yesterday he found himself at Manukau City with an hour and a half to kill at 1000. So what to do?

Off to KFC. Have you seen those damned 'zinger' ads on TV? Just love hot chili so let's see if they taste as good as they sound. Bloody hell, they look bigger than that on TV!!! Only half the size of a decent whopper the way Hungry Jacks make them in Aussie. But the chili!!! Man, it brought tears to the eyes. Absolutely wonderful.

What next? Oh well, I'll go find a BBQ place and see if you can buy a nice little portable gas job with a char grill feature. You know, one you can throw in the boot and go out for a BBQ picnic in the bush or at the beach. Eventually found the local 'BBQ Factory' and swung into the empty car park at 1030.

This very large shop was empty, apart that is, from rows and rows of assorted barbecues and accessories. Away over on the right, as I came in, was a checkout and admin area with a young man loudly engaged in a phone conversation with a mate, regaling all within fifty yards with the events of the previous evening. Two other woman staff members were fussing around with whatever ladies fuss around with in admin areas.

Adolf had just been to an early morning client appointment so he was not dressed like a bag of shit as he wandered over and began his search for his portable gas fired crematorium. He spotted something which looked like the job for about $500 and moved on to see what else was on offer. After ten minutes or so he came back to the aforementioned apparatus and looked at it from the front, from the back, from the left and from the right, all the while stroking his chin and thinking "How the hell will I get this one past The Cook?"

Eventually I looked at my watch and thought I'd better start moving to pick up my client guest for the one dayer at Eden Park. As I walked toward the door I called in a loud friendly voice to the three staff members "Good morning people!"

They all looked up and phone talker's face lit up as he moved toward me. "Can I help.........."

In the same loud but no longer friendly voice I called out:-

"If I were the owner of this business, by now you would all be fired. Goodbye."

Those people stood around and allowed $500 of valuable recession proofing business to walk out through the door.

I hope the owner of The BBQ Factory at Manukau City reads this blog. He could save two salaries by reducing staff numbers to one. That's all you need to rearrange papers in an admin area.

Slack arsed retail staff should realise that every person who walks into their place of work is a potential blogger. Just like every person with a hands free cell phone in the car is a potential cop.


pdm said...

Par for the course with the BBQ Factory Adolf. Their shop in Hastings has closed - liquidation I think.

It was only just around the corner from where we live and when we moved initially the first port of call for things BBQ. But only for a short time.

The owner or manager or whatever he was had to be the most rude and ignorant person in retail in Hawkes Bay. Everytime we walked into the shop and he was there we were made to feel that we were an imposition on him.

Perhaps that is the standard for BBQ Factory staff through the country. It wasn't just us others we spoke to had suffered similarly.

KG said...

Good for you Adolf. I'm often amazed at how people tolerate rotten service, too embarrassed to say anything.
Which--of course--is partly why we get rotten service.

Anonymous said...

I know some-one who went into that very same shop Adolf to buy something that the BBQ Factory had been advertising in the paper only to be told that it wasn't yet available because it hadn't been 'unpacked'.
A letter is on its way to Head Office.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

This problem isn't personal: it's structural.

The idea of retail staff on wages - forced by unions and our stupid minimum wage laws - makes no sense whatsoever.

These people should be on contract and on commission ONLY - if they had been, no doubt your service would have been excellent.

just one more thing Key will fix!

coge said...

Adolf, I've seen some very nice wee BBQ jobbies as you describe down at Mitre 10. Very well priced too. Also Four Seasons sell small Broil King models which may suit your needs.

BBQ factory sell crap IMHO.

Oswald Bastable said...

Good show- we don't complain about crap service nearly often enough!

I often blog about it, but also give praise for really good service.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Just got home from Mitre 10 with a neat little fold up job for $200 on special.

mawm said...

We went to Farmers to by a new vacuum cleaner. Spent 1/2 an hour playing with them, but no assitant came to help, so off we went to Noel Leeming - ditto. Walked across the road to Bond and Bond (i know that they have the same owners as Leeming) where some guy came to help, politely said that he thought there was a special on the machine we liked, off he went to check and 5 minutes later we walked out with the cleaner for $50 less than at the other two.