Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bulldog Bennett

This is the sort of 'difference' between National and Labour that even the most extreme Actoid might be able to see.

Paula Bennett tells how she leapt in at the sight of the youngster's fists flying. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Good on her for getting stuck in. I don't know whether I would have had the courage, even though I broke up a few cat fights at BOI College when I was slightly younger. She might easily have been stabbed or taken down by three or four of the little buggers.

Ms Bennett has sent a very useful message to those civil servants who might have been contemplating snookering her efforts to bring about change and cost savings in her department.

Can you imagine Filk Off doing something like this?

Labour would have sent in Parekura on the grounds that they could stab him fifty times and never strike a vital organ.


James said...

Hummmm.....in ACT stirling deeds like this are a matter of course..

It goes to show that the only ones with balls in National are the chicks....I know Collins would have done this too....not so the male Mp's...;-)

One fist fight doesn't equate to rejecting the Labour lite mindset.Announce the end of the DPB or the privitising of Rail and I'll be impressed..

Anonymous said...

thank god for a real lady, beats the bunch of lesbians who used to rule us, starting at the top,helen something , gone and not missed