Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The boy's no Abe Lincoln!!

We are drowning in the adulation of The One.
Thousands, nay millions, are flocking to Washington to hail the new Messiah!
And that's just the news crew for the BBC!
Seriously, never has so much been expected from someone with so little experience.
Remember, he was a senator for just a couple of years, and not noted for achieving much.
Yet, because he gives a few good speeches, though I recall a few stumbles during the campaign, due to the failure of his autocure, he has been put on such a great pedestal.
And it is such a great pedestal, even the Democrats have been busy trying to downplay expectation.
But what about the audacity of a man, living on such hype, that already he is modelling himself on Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest of Amercian presidents.
And this, barely before the man has assumed office.
That train ride to Washington was just the starters in the comparisons with Lincoln.
Peter McKay of the Daily Mail is not impressed.
Now, I don't belittle Obama's achievements. He can be proud of achieving office, even though there's probably many a Clinton supporter still angry at the way he cheated his way to the nomination, as those old PUMAs claimed.
And while Obama is not the choice I wanted, I wish him well. Indeed, even George Bush wishes Obama well.
For Obama now has so much on his plate. Israel, Iran and Iraq, the wider war against Islamic terror. Then, there is the economy, and with so many from the Clinton era working for him, the Clintonistas who caused the financial problems, well, we can only guess how Obama might fare now with such a grave crisis.
Like I say, I wish Obama well. The problems he faces at home and abroad are so great that they will affect, if not engulf us all. Thus, despite my reservations about Obama; for our wealth, our peace and for our freedoms, we should all wish Obama well this week.
Even if he is not the messiah, but a rather inexperienced and, lightweight and naughty boy!


Psycho Milt said...

Given the incomprehensible adulation directed at W by many on the right, I'm struggling to figure out exactly how what makes you think Obama's supporters are silly.

KG said...

hmm..let's see--admiration, respect and not as little criticism of Bush on the Right Vs mindless adulation for an empty Chicago Machine half-white (oops, sorry black!) suit from the left...
Yup, it's a mystery all right.

Psycho Milt said...

Well yes, it is a mystery. A lot of Americans are chuffed that a lazy and incompetent President is going to be replaced with someone (hell, anyone!) who at least can string together a complete sentence. Previous experience would recommend skepticism, but in what sense is their pleasure deserving of ridicule?

KG said...

Lazy? Incompetent? Compared to a dimmocrat poster-boy who has been present to vote on just how many bills?
Get real--and do some basic research Milt.

Anonymous said...

You must really hate this FFM you poor thing. Millions of happy people celebrating. Spend tomorrow in bed with the curtains drawn while your mother brings you cups of tea.

Simon said...

Going to hold off getting an Obama tattoo just for now.

Dave Mann said...

I have only seen Obama once (well, 'seen' as on TV).

He was on some late night chat show broadcast by Prime TV which featured a loud grinning idiot with big teeth who, between irrelevant moronic asides, was 'interviewing' Obama.

Far from being partisan, defensive and reading off an autocue, Obama was warm, funny and genuine and he spoke from the heart and made a lot of good points. He also 'gave of himself' when he talked about his early childhood life and one got the feeling that the man is open, positive and intelligent. He certainly has charisma and I can see why so many Americans hold out so hope that he will bring much the USA from his presidency.

I am not a Bush hater and I don't really know enough about US politics to say I support either the Dems or the GOP, but I have a feeling that Obama is just the leader that the USA needs right now. He certainly has the international experience in his upbringing to relate to the world on more than just a provincial small-town level. Here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

Even some of the fawning celebs are seeing the light.

Get this quote from Perez Hilton:
""Change we believe in less and less every day!

Barrack Obama has proved to us, once more, that he's a crafty, fake politician, just like everyone else that came before him.""

Oswald Bastable said...

Two words:

Fords Theater


Anonymous, I would prefer Obama earns his spurs before we give him so much adulation.
Don't you think the comparisons to Lincoln are a little premature, when Obama hasn't attained office yet?