Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blame the journos!!

A few days back, I cooked dinner for my brother and his wife.
Now, my sister-in-law is pretty bright and has a high-flying well-paid job with an insurance giant.
But apparantly, the media is to blame for the perilous state of the economy.
The financial press had been hyping up 'rumours' concerning the financial health of her employer, I was told, which for a time hit its share price considerably.
Her bosses even raised a scenario of a share price collapse and the company ceasing trading, etc, just like the UK banking system was said to be hours away from collapse a few months back.
So there we have it. The media is to blame for the credit crunch. The media is to blame for slumping production in what is left of British manufacturing, and all the joblosses we see on the tv news every night, not to mention the collapse in the value of the pound.
Now, even Gordon Brown won't go that far, even if the BBC has been fingered as the most gloomy. I think my sister-in-law is being a little crazy. The problems out there are real and the media is just reporting them.
Nonetheless, I do accept however that the media can affect the mood or confidence of a country. It can even influence elections.
Indeed, we must never forget how the media conspired to take a simple community organiser and son of a humble Kenyan goat farmer and turn him into the greatest living president and Messiah ever to live at 1600 Pensylvania Avenue!


Anonymous said...

I think its more the medias self righteous smugness that pissess people off more than anything.

pdm said...

ffm this post seems an appropriate one for me to ask this question. My wife and I are considering coming to the UK on a beleated (OE) working holiday. My father was born in Scotland as was my wifes grandmother so work permits, visa etc are not an issue..

We would be flexible workwise but would need employment soon after arriving or ideally have arranged jobs to go to. Is now a good time to come over - are Kiwis still well regarded as employees. I am 62and my wife is 58.


Pdm, Life is tough here on the jobfront and getting tougher.
It depends on the work you and wife wish to do.
I have just walked past a pub looking for bar work.
The pubs also seem to be seeking tenants.
As for anything skilled, it may be harder.
Certainly I was getting many comments like 'we have no vacancies', even for £6-7ph temping jobs.
For me, it certainly was not a good time to come over, which is why I'll be back in NZ in Feb.
But i guess it all comes down to your own individual circumstances.

pdm said...

Thanks for that FFM it confirms my thoughts.

We have a couple of ideas and have a daughter and son in law in London so will talk to them as well in the next week or so.
Just thought I would get an independent view before doing so.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.