Friday, January 16, 2009

Apportioning blame

This Palmerston North story ran on TV3 on Monday, but I'm only just getting around to it. A later newspaper report is here at Stuff.

For those lacking interest in following links: Bozo's one of a group of a hoons in a Falcon that gets driven into a tree. Bozo ends up 28 meters from the wreck with head injuries. Remaining hoons do a runner, despite the fairly substantial identification aid left at the scene in the form of a wrecked vehicle. Cops arrive, have no way of telling how many were in the car or where they are now, do a search anyway, but for some unfathomable reason fail to find a guy in the dark, in drizzle, under a bush, nearly 100 feet from the wreck.

Next morning Bozo's dad goes looking for him, finds him reasonably easy in broad daylight and knowing he was there somewhere, so berates the Police for failing to find him. TV3 runs with this "Police incompetence" story, like the dumbasses they are.

Let's do some more rational blame-apportioning, shall we? Here's a ranked list:

1. The stupid fuck who drove his car into a tree. Napier Rd's not difficult to navigate, unless you make it difficult by driving like a stupid fuck.

2. Bozo, who patently didn't wear a seatbelt and was entirely predictably flung from the vehicle and suffered serious and completely avoidable injuries.

3. Bozo's stupid fuck "mates," who immediately left him to die.

4. The Police officers who attended the scene but missed finding Bozo under entirely understandable circumstances.

The only item on that ordered list that can legitimately be filed under "Don't worry about it, shit happens" is number 4. Excellent reporting, TV3.


Pique Oil said...

P M, you missed some other relevant bits.
Bozo was flung across the road, but somehow Mr Plod was meant to know that he was on t'other side of the road and 30 metres away? Hm.
Bozo's "mates" took the others to hospital, but Dad who is so concerned for his son doesn't find him till 9AM the next morning. Apparently Bozo's "mates" were just a bit silly , but Mr. Plod is guilty of not doing their job properly. Again Hm.
I have driven past the spot 3 times each way since then. 100 k's with speed control set and it would require skill far greater than mine to lose control.
Lastly it is at the intersection of James Line, which leads to the cemetery and the crematorium. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. well we know one thing.

Bozo was not a member of the Labour party

Psycho Milt said...

Apparently Bozo's "mates" were just a bit silly , but Mr. Plod is guilty of not doing their job properly.

I can understand a thicko like Bozo's Dad thinking this makes sense, I just kind of expected better from TV3's news team. More fool me, I suppose...

Paul said...

He was thrown 28 metres; really? Has nobody stopped to think how much force would be required to throw a body that far and how much damage the landing would cause the body?

He was simply abandoned by his mates and ended up under a tree. TV3 should be looking for his chums rather than blaming the police.

Psycho Milt said...

Could be. Maybe I'm being too hard on the missing guy and nowhere near hard enough on his "friends."