Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Pallywood production

I was watching ITN News last night.
And what a deliciously horrifying story on Gaza it presented.
We had tales of the Israeli soldiers deliberately killing innocent women and children, including a four year-old boy.
Just to highlight the cruelty and barbaririty of those evil Israeli soldiers, we were also shown some grafitti apparantly written by the Israeli troops, aimed at scaring the poor and oppressed Palestinians.
But somehow, it didn't ring true to me.
The grafitti was in English.
Now, if memory serves me right, don't the Israelis speak Hebrew, even though their charming government spokesman speaks impeccable English.
And won't the Palestinian peasants and children the Israelis are supposedly aiming to scare , speak Hebrew or Arabic too?
So if the graffitti was genuine , why would it be in English?
Perhaps the real intended audience for it was the gullible Western Media, and their audiences in Britain and the USA, who, of course, speak English and could easily read and understand the words written on the walls. So it wouldn't be the Israelis writing the messages, but Hamas!
Am I alone in thinking this?
Indeed, the gruesome tales of death were naturally denied by the Israeli government spokesman, who noted that as a totaliarian state, Hamas would order the peasants to give identical comments to the media about alleged killings. The grafitti was not mentioned at at all.
But how can we trust the media commentary when it appears so unquestioning of what Hamas says and does and what Palestinians are saying, never quizzing them, though interviewers always give the Israeli government spokesman a tough grilling?
It has now become a cliche to use the term Pallywood to describe how Hamas and others package events for the western media to lap up. Often their lies have been exopsed but that seems not to make the night time news. I guess a grovelling apology to the IDF and the Israeli government just might be too much for the BBC, ITN, Reuters and others.
In the meantime, as well as Powerline, we see how some media is not falling for Pallywood, most notably the Spectator, and here we see how pro-Palestinian journos distort their coverage helped by the use of Palestinian 'stringers'.
Indeed, how very prophetic was the Honest Reporting blog with its 2 week-old preductions that we should soon expect reports of a maccacre of innocents by Israeli forces!
It all makes me wonder if ITN and its viewers last night were served up yet another dose of Pallywood and how many more other fabricated tales have we been given?
And with the MSM falling for such lies, either by accident or design, no wonder the readers of Little Green Footballs have accorded the MSM an idiotarian award for their work, which no doubt applies to Gaza as it did to the US presidential election!


Psycho Milt said...

Your fervent desire for these stories to be untrue does not make them untrue.

PaulL said...

PM - you'd have to admit that many of the stories just don't pass the sniff test.

A large part of the problem here is that Israel doesn't allow proper journalists into Gaza. So we're stuck with second rate sympathisers masquerading as journalists. That could explain the higher quality questioning of the Israeli spokesperson.

Psycho Milt said...

Don't pass the sniff test? We know from previous IDF stints in Gaza that IDF soldiers trash the buildings the occupy, shit on the floors and graffiti the walls with insults - why would that suddenly have changed?

We also know that there are people in the IDF capable of shooting foreign protestors or even journalists in cold blood, so the news that the occasional Arab civilian took a bullet isn't exactly a bolt from the blue either.

As far as lying to the media and using gullible journalists for propaganda goes, well duh. Both sides do that.

Fairfacts: I saw the same clip. These were very obviously traumatised children sitting in a completely destroyed neighbourhood, and your first thought is they must have been coached by Hamas? Seriously?

Danyl said...

I think FFM's notion of war is that it's an awesome adventure with cool special effects in which the good guys go and kick the bad guys ass. Seeing footage of murdered civilians and orphaned children kills that buzz, so his reaction is to pretend that its not really real.

Anonymous said...

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Oh come on, I have a vision for a really bad taste tv skit.
A camp gay news director walking amid the rubble with bleeding peasants.
"Come on sweetie, give me tears. Show me anger," etc, etc.
Just the thing for Joinathan Ross.

But seriously, the grafitti did not pass the sniff test.
I am sure much suffering is real, but why were these people attacked.
It is because of the terrorists in their midst.
The terrorists that hide among the civilians.
The terrorists smuggling the arms through the tunnels.
The terrorists that use schools, homes, UN camps etc to launch their missiles from.

Psycho Milt said...

but why were these people attacked.
It is because of the terrorists in their midst.

You do realise, that's the same lie Osama's supporters tell themselves?

JohnMacC said...

There's nothing too suspicious about the graffiti being in English - most Israeli's don't speak/write Arabic, and most Palestinians don't speak/write Hebrew. So if I was an IDF soldier wanting to leave a message, I'd use another language.

Fairfacts - your sniff tester seems to be malfunctioning. That's possibly because you're willing to hold your nose and defend or deny any stinking thing the IDF might do with the pathetic "there were terrorists in their midst" justification.

ISeeRed said...

Well, JohnMacC, the graffiti could just have easily been written by Palestinians for Western cameras. I doubt spray paint would be the first tool of choice for IDF soldiers to scare the locals with after a 3-week military campaign that have sadly killed hundreds of people.