Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where are they now?

I guess I have took it quite hard, the defeat of our former Dear Leader and her disappearance from the stage.
And we see similar happening in the UK.
Where is Tony Blair? What is he doing?
The former PM of ten years, who bestrode the world stage like a colossus, has similarly disappeared from the spotlight.
I read a UK paper everyday and watch the tv news several times.
The only mention of him I have seen was a columnist mocking his Christmas card, which featured him and the missus and maybe the kids as well.
But what the columnist noted most of all, was Tony had had his top teeth cleaned. They were shiny and pearly white, while the lower teeth were not.
Have New Zealand's own media commented on Uncle Helen's cards, did she send any?
Of course, I do expect some of our regulars to comment on her teeth come what may :)
Nonetheless, isn't it interesting how quickly people seem to disappear and are quickly forgotten usually. I bet John Howard faced the same in Oz, though I noted a magazine report about him giving a talk to business leaders in Yorkshire a while back.
Of course, by discussing the suitability or otherwise of a job for Uncle Helen, we are at least bringing her back from obscurity.


showmethetaxcut said...

Winston Churchill never faced obscurity when he was dumped after WW2.

KG said...

"..The former PM of ten years, who bestrode the world stage like a colossus,.."

A joke, right? Slippery Tony Bliar and his surpassingly ugly and corrupt missus were only ever regarded as the unattractive figureheads of a socialist country in decline, with rhetoric and ambition far beyond the country's capacity to deliver.
And his systematic gutting of the country's institutions and traditions made him no more than a poodle of his Brussels EUSSR masters.

dad4justice said...

Lying political puppets like Bliar and Klarkula soon fade away into oblivion.Just shows how much they are devoid of any substance.

Anonymous said...

Blair will be at the Hague before too long:

and Klark should face the people's justice in NZ

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the way it should be?

Namely, media headline dominating political leader one day, obscure memoire writer, regional chamber of commerce speaker and shopping mall opener the next.

Or would the Mugabesque state-president-for-life model be a better option?