Saturday, December 27, 2008

Voters want a good Roger-ing

Yes, the day's of Liarbour tax and spend are over.

At least in Britain, that is.

The Independent, of all papers, with its ComRes opinion poll, shows support in Britain for taxcuts and spending cuts.

As recession deepens, people realise we have to tighten our belts.

And that includes government.

So there may well be even extra support for National if it behaves as ACT-lite rather than Liarbour-lite!

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Anonymous said...

Which part of basic mathematics don't you understand!

The support in New Zealand is for ACT-EXTREME not Act Light!!

Let's start by dropping the foolish pretense that "none of Roger's policies have been changed by the last governments". If they had, then Roger wouldn't need to be back in Parliament. There's a list of changes (and Roger's solutions to them) below.

The actual truth of the matter is that every single important policy of the 1984 Labour government has been abandoned in the last 20 years - most of 'em in the last 9.

NZ is now realising that Labour have trashed the country, and that we are now facing the very worst economic times ever (most likely) or since 1929 at least.

We have a simply choice:
* take Roger's advice now - make the changes we must make as quickly as possible, and then be ready to grow again in say 2012 when the depression ends. Max debt will still be around 40%, unemployment probably 15%

* ignore Roger's advice, and get forced to make the changes piecemeal and not return to a positive economy until 2020 or later (when the world bank forces us to make the changes, or when we are forced into a union with Australia). Max debt 100% (country goes bankrupt). Max unemployment would be 25% - and only that low because a million kiwis will emigrate to Australia, the UK, and europe.


Labour's changes and Roger's solutions:

* Asset sales: Kiwibank. Kiwirail, AirNZ.
Need I say more? Roger solution: sell them all as soon as possible. It's more important to get these huge, huge liabilities (and especially in Kiwibank's case - huge distortions of the market) off the books as soon as possible.

* Labour market policy Unions are stronger than ever, their position entrenched by the Employment Rights Act. Roger's solution: finish the job. Go to an Employment Responsibilities Act, pointing out that employees have responsibilities to their employers. All unions are voluntary - and the union and their employees become jointly and severally liable for all costs they impose on business, and the effects of econo-terrorism costs on the economy.

* reserve bank act fucked over by Labout to allow 1- to 3% inflation, and to have to care about growth. Roger's soluition: revise to focus on 0-1% inflation as in the original act (but a bit tighter) and concentrate on international competitiveness above all.

* wages policy Roger's solution: reduce civil service wages by 50%. reduce other wages by 30%, This will immediately give us productivity parity with Australia. We cannot start to improve productivity and competitiveness before first getting to a realistic, economically justified position

* Corporate Taxes we should remove all deadweigt from the productive parts of society. All corporate taxes including FBT should be chopped to zero. All employer and payroll levies (ACC etc) should be chopped to zero.

* Personal Taxes taxes must be cut to the productive members of society. Roger's solution: start by reducing taxes to 0% at 100,000 - and move that threshold down as finances permit.

* ACC enact personal responsibility law. Your accidents are your personal responsibility. End of story. End of ACC - except the clause forbidding employees from sueing their employers. It's your personal responsibility!

* Health and Education corporatisation - bulk funding and DHBs were too easily undone by incoming socialist governments. Roger's solution: move all boards of trustees and health boards to private companies by legislation. Endow them with all assets of the existing boards. Thankfully, the economic situation means that ACT's sole "election bribe" - the stupid, crypto-socialist vouchers - are clearly unaffordable and will be dropped

Oh and -
* Anti-americanism: well we're cuddling back up to Obama now, aren't we? SAS in Iraq, half the fucking army in Afganistan, and where Obama goes - we'll go! Roger solution: get the troops out of pointless and expensive wars - and repeal the 1980's anti-americanism laws.