Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today's Christmas pop song

It wouldn't be Christmas without a naff pop song, with a festive theme.
Now, the Number One spot in the UK hit parade was always something really coveted.
There used to be quite a competition for it.
Alas, these days, the winner tends to be winner of X factor or some other talent show involving Simon Cowell.
There are so many such shows, that Northern Comic Peter Kay took the piss out of them in a special show of his, which was recently repeated in time for the festive season.
And to release a song showing his creation Geraldine McQueen.
Come on Barnsley Bill, can you scrape the barrel any lower?

1 comment:

Dave Gee said...

As written by that pop genius, Mr Gary Barlow from Take That... Go on, admit it, the song's already stuck in your head isn't it? ;-)