Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They're murdering militant muslim terrorist scum!!!

If the normally skittish French media experienced no trouble describing as terrorists the individuals who were at that time going around various locales in Mumbai gunning down business diners, heroically shooting children at point-blank range, and torturing other captives, might the New Zealand media also rise to the moral occasion?

It seems not judging by the links he found, heading Cohen to conclude:
We may never know exactly what those men in Mumbai hoped to achieve with their horrible crimes. But if they ever expected to be described as terrorists by the world’s most far-flung media, they were obviously destined for disappointment.
Well, I am not afraid to use the t-word, and neither am I afraid to link it to their primitive, murdeourous, barbraric muslim religion!
UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal makes similar observations.

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