Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanks Helen and Mickey.....for nothing.

God willing we will never see another Labour
led government in this country
and I mean NEVER.

It's now time for Key and English to do some simple maths and start slashing.
Start at the top with ACC.
I don't want my children inheriting a debt ridden socialist banana republic.


Inventory2 said...

Amen to all of that Lou. Cullen's lagacy will be a millstone around our neck for many, many years to come.

chicken little said...

You should defiantly have got a bigger iceberg.

Titanic sized would be more appropriate.

Your iceberg's only a couple of weeks old and already it's full.

Anonymous said...


quote Bill English "we aren't slashing and burning"

well why the fuck not

if you don't have the guts, get someone who does!

ACC: terminate everything except the rule that stops so-called victims suing

Health: terminate

Education: terminate

Welfare: termiante

Barnsley Bill said...

Do we know who the alleged thieves are yet?

Anonymous said...

Do we know who the alleged thieves are yet?

who the fuck cares? They're Labour and that's enough.

I refuse to get upset about lefties stealing 40 bottles of us-funded wine

when Cullen and Helen stole 100 BILLION DOLLARS

really: this is serious enough that Key should call up the special branch, take the entire Labour party and union movement out to Featherston, and just shoot the lot out of hand.

Doug said...

You forgot Kiwi Rail for your Iceberg?

Madeleine said...

Labour absolutely robbed our country and covered it up. Criminal. Absolutely criminal.

Lou Taylor said...

The list was only for things that have surfaced since the election. If we wanted to cover the whole 9 years I would have needed the Ross Ice Shelf.