Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recession is good for you!!!

The leader of the Church of England has always been a strange creature.
Now, his latest comments have provoked a stir, after he said this of the credit crunch .
"It is a sort of a reality check, isn't it -- which is always good for us.
The Archbishop also lambasted the borrowing of the ZaNULiarbore government, likening Gordon Brown to a drug addict constantly needing a fix of more borrowing and debt.
The UK PM was not amused and hit back, using Bible parables to back his argument.
Such controversy fuelled by Rowan Williams is even leading to some debate about the state of the Anglican Church as the official Church of England. Should it be disestablished?
Well, I'm no expert on religious matters, and I'm not particularly religious, but I feel the Archbishop is a fool, well in need of a bashing.
Such talk of welcome reality checks seems most tasteless as hundreds of thousands of Britons, possibly a million, look set to lose their jobs in the next year or so.
It reminds me of comments I have seen from environmentalists about recession being good for the environment! Though there remains some debate on the issue.
But back to the Archbishop. Despite his stupidity, I oppose disestablishing the Church.
It's official role guarantees a place to be buried, get married, etc, and it is part of British culture and history.
We don't want it usurped by anything else, particulalrly Islam, or the Catholic Church, which does actually appear to believe in something.
But what is the role of an official church in society and the state? And should its leaders be free to make statements like this, regardless of their stupidity. Nonetheless, his criticisms of Liarbour's debt follies were spot on.
At least as we approach Christmas, the Archbishop has given us all something to think and talk about. Maybe that's the point of his outlandish comments after all!


Anonymous said...

Silly old fool has had too much port

WAKE UP said...

If he stood on a street corner and declared he was Napoleon returned from Elba, they'd cart him away.

What he just said belongs in the same category.

Anyone who's more concerned about the hereafter than the here-and-now is the one who needs a reality check.

Shame really, because right now, we could do with some sane, intelligent leaders in the right places.

Psycho Milt said...

Having an official church is a serious blot on Britain's copybook. It's one reason most of its religious freedom enthusiasts had to export themselves to the American colonies. Really is a hangover from less civilised times and should be done away with.

Williams is however spot on about this recession. A lot of the pain currently being suffered is by morons who've spent years living way beyond their means and are now finding out why that was a bad idea. If the current disaster persuades at least some of these idiots that leveraging yourself up onto a knife edge of sustainability is not a good plan, some good will have come of it.

Anonymous said...

He's as out of touch with reality as he is with a razor!

Anonymous said...

The Anglican Church?

I broke with it in 1966 when a fella that looked just like this numpty and who spoke with a mouth full of mashed potato was appointed as the school's visiting Anglican minister.

He spoke complete tripe, was a tremble-handed drinker and adored black boys.

Three strikes....

Clunking Fist said...

"It is a sort of a reality check, isn't it -- which is always good for us."

ACtually, he has a point. Gummints creating money (rather than wealth) fuel a reliance on debt to achieve higher standards of living. Creating money also fuels inflation. Inflation is an enemy of thrift and saving. I believe that economists have also demonstarted that it is bad for productivity and wealth creation.

For once the hippy has a point. Tasteless and harsh, considering it is not the gummint that suffers, but ordinary folk, but a point nonetheless.

WAKE UP said...

Amazing what crap you think you can get away with, with god on your side.