Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Palestinians are so dumb!

So Israel is getting stick for the natural act of wanting to defend itself and its citizens.

But the attacks they made, in which 'innocent' civilians died, including women and children, only came about following the rocket attacks from the Hamas terrorists.

Now, how dumb can Palestinans be?

First of all, they are given the Gaza strip, something that was meant as a precursor to something bigger. A stepping stone to an eventual solution? We hear talk of 'land for peace.'

But what do they do? They let the terrorists take the upper hand and use it as a launchpad to attack Israel.

Now, I don't know about you. But if Tuhoe were to use Tuhoe country as a missile base to attack Tauranga, even Helen Clark might have fired back and even sent the troops in.

Were we kiwis to launch missile attacks against the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, I am sure the Australian would invade ASAP.

Ditto if the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys attacked the Kent Coast, or vice versa.

So after a relentless firing of rockets by Hamas from the Gaza strip, in breach of a ceasefire, it's a no-brainder that the much better equipped Israelis would retaliate.

Now, the BBC noted an election was brewing in Israel, as if to say retaliation was also political.

But what better way to shore up support for a government, than to attack it militarily.

So who do the Palestinians expect to hurt from their attack?

Now, as i noted earlier. The giving of the gaza strip to the Palestinians was a form of Land for peace deal.

Thus, after what we have seen since the formation of this mini-Palestinian state, we can hardly be surprised if the israelis are even less keen on such a solution for the West Bank.

Once bitten?

Thus, how dumb can the Palestians be?

True, they have many friends in the media and the best PR consultants. They know how to show tearful images of children to suit their ends. there have been the 'Pallywood' scandals of faked attacks.

But on matters like this latest attack, the Palestinians are truly showing their stupidity against a wise and responsible Israel.


Psycho Milt said...

But what better way to shore up support for a government, than to attack it militarily.

Uh, yeah - exactly right. So who's the dumbass here again?

S U C C A T said...

Describing Palestinians as "dumb!" and "stupid" (vis-a-vis the State of Israel being "wise and responsible") reflects that writer's narrow historical perspective of these troubles

Or ... maybe he/she was being ironic(?)

farmer baby boomer said...

I aggree FFM.Liked your point about Tuhoe.I'm sure the response would have been "disproportionate" if Tuhoe did that.
Two things are clear.
1.Land for peace has not worked.(And will not while the likes of Hamas with it's 'destroy Israel aggenda' is allowed to exist.
2.Hamas is reponsible for what has happened.As the Foriegn Minister of Egypt,Amed Aboul Gheit, said when addressing Hamas"You are responsible for what is happening to the people of Gaza."(see post on http://crusader-rabbit blogspot.com "The right to self defense--unless you are a Jew,that is...."

Anonymous said...

Will as i see it now the palestinians and their hamas/taleban rulers have gone from living in a ghetto to a demolition site,and I DONT CARE

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the leaders and losers of most of the western world tell Israel to lay down their arms and enter into dialogue with the terrorists. What was that definition of insanity again?

Mrs Danvers

Lucyna Maria said...

I mostly agree, FFM.

However, I think the Palestinians are going for broke, here. What have they got to lose? Most of the public opinion in the West supports them against Israel. Everytime Israel responds "disprotionately", the Western media bleats on about the poor Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Since 2005 6300 rockets have hit Israel 10 dead 780 injured (source wall street journal 29-12-2008
and every ones wailing for the strip occupants.Whats up hamas,slow learners

Psycho Milt said...

I think the Palestinians are going for broke, here.

You think the Palestinians are going for broke? By going back to the occasional mortar round or home-made missile lobbed into Israel since the cease-fire ended? If that's "going for broke," what would "apathetic business as usual" actually look like?

S U C C A T said...

"News Flash" ... The UN decrees that drought stricken Australia's problems are to be resolved via the simple mechanism of founding a new "State of Ocker" consisting those two small Islands off to their East. Tough luck for the current Kiwi inhabitants who, after resisiting and fighting back (bloody terrorists!), are rounded up and crammed onto Stewart Island -- an enlightened "land for peace" deal.

Works for me. Not!

Lucyna Maria said...

PM, what do you consider occasional to mean? A rocket a month? Or is 30 in one day "occasional"?

Ollo Chubb said...

I can only but try and understand what it must be like for the thousands of Israelis who live in the towns in the vicinity of Hamas rocket fire. Day after day, month after month, year after year of rockets screeching wildly into the nieghbourhood not knowing if and when one would hit you or your loved ones. People can only take so much of that.
FF, I agree, those Palestinians after incredibly Dumb, just pawns insanely being used as fodder for the crazed Islamic Extremist Terrorists fronts who will stop at nothing but the extermination of all Jews - old, woman, children, and they'll happily send their (and the Palestinians) own children to die in achieving that objective.
Israel had no choice but to take action.

Psycho Milt said...

I consider "occasional" to mean the amount of ordinance a few crazed mutants are able to come up with in their home workshops, as was the case before the cease-fire and is now again the case after it. Or have I missed some dramatic increase in the quality and amount of ordinance the resistance guys are able to chuck into Israel that leads you to characterise this return to the status quo as "going for broke?"

Anonymous said...

PM i wish i could make a rocket go 60km (In a home workshop,yer right) opps if i went to persia ,some religious mullah would sell me one,good old iran ,home of the burka, hanging women for being women armpit muslims WORSE THAN sauds,and thats hard. more primative

KG said...

"Or have I missed some dramatic increase in the quality and amount of ordinance the resistance guys are able to chuck into Israel..."
Well, yes, you have.
Things such as anti-aircraft cannon, shaped anti-armour charges (courtesy of Iran) and vast amounts of Semtex and 7.62 ammunition, night-vision equipment, courtesy of Iran and Syria, for starters.
The suppliers and trainers of Hamas are the same suppliers and trainers Hezbollah employs.
You need to get out more PM.

Anonymous said...

Israelis have constructed a civilised society. They are hardworking taxpaying citizens. They are human beings.

Palestinians, on the other hand, are bludgers - plain and simple. Islamic socialists. I wouldn't waste tomahawk rockets on them when phosgene or chlorine or prussic acid could do the job rather more
cheaply (but would not doubt upset Obama).

ZenTiger said...

I consider "occasional" to mean the amount of ordinance a few crazed mutants are able to come up with in their home workshops,

Hundreds then. I think you have indeed missed the issue of supply from places like Iran and Syria. For example, one recent missile traveled 28 miles into Israeli territory:

A medium-range rocket hit the city of Beersheba for the first time ever, zooming 28 miles deep into Israel and slamming into an empty kindergarten.

I do not agree with the Israeli response, but I understand it.

The only winners here are organisations such as Hamas who fuel this kind of reaction; who are publicly committed to the destruction of Israel. Israel retaliating like this will only create more zealous enemies, and more in the west will turn a blind eye to acts of provocation from Hamas and the militant factions of Hezbollah.

Some say Israel's actions are purely about politics, and the upcoming elections. Well, if daily rockets into Israel doesn't figure in a political platform, would would? Do you vote the party that promises to end rocket attacks, or the one that offers discounted medical expenses on shrapnel removal? Decisions, decisions.