Saturday, December 20, 2008

News Flash - Acting High Commissioner Dejected

As the sun sets in Auckland and Suva, another day passes and the Acting New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji remains dejected. Dejected, of course in this instance, being the opposite to ejected.

Foolish NZ media and uber bloggers continue to report postulations as factual events and find themselves looking stupider day by day. Fijilive reports that 'it will happen today' and xtra News (that's the same mob that can't keep an e-mail service functional for more than a week) reports she has left the country. She probably has done no more than return to Noo Zild for Christmas with the folks but let's make a story out of it.

Meanwhile there is no news at all on private discussions between the New Zealand Foreign Minister and the Interim Prime Minster of Fiji.

Adolf suggests the media finds something else with which to amuse themselves and makes no further comment until there is a formal statement from the two nations' respective governments.


Doug said...

The News media don't report news they make the News.

Doug said...

Or should I say manufacture the news.

Ollo Chubb said...

This is the NZ media's chance to shine on the world stage should the bloodbath Barbara Dreaver promised us several months ago would happen - in her dreams I guess.

Harpoon said...

Adolf, you weren't so keen on instructing the NZ media to wait until formal government announcments before the Nats got in. Which of these is the truth?:
(a) your principles have changed; you were wrong then and right now.
(b) you have no principles; you just want the NZ media to be slavish lapdogs to all rightwing governments everywhere.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Harpoon, you fool. I'm ALWAyS right.