Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Muslim rapes in Sweden

Here's one for our Swedish-based commenter DenMT.

Fjordman over at The Brussels Journal has posted on the country as a 'crackpot' or 'melting pot.'

Anyway, Fjordman has gained a global reputation for commenting on muslim rapes in Scandinavia and problems resulting from the Islamisation of Europe, even gaining a Wikipedia entry. Google reveals many previous articles.

How soon before No Minister gets a Wikipedia entry, I wonder?

Anyway, I make no claims as to the veracity as to what Fjordman says, as previous attempts to verify his comments came to nought as he seems to be the only published 'expert' on the subject.

I do hope the situation is not as bad a Fjordman says.
Perhaps DenMT could be so kind as to allay our fears. Sweden seems such a lovely place.


DenMT said...

Perhaps if you didn't insist on cobbling your world view together from the writing of internet extremists, and actually either read widely, or experienced a few things for yourself first-hand, then you would be a bit more reticent to give this Fjordman knob the oxygen he craves. But as if anything I said would ever make a difference, I mean, I may actually live in the country, but of course I see everything through leftist blinkers. Right?


(BTW the Aftonbladet image you are using is old.)

DenMT said...

Correction: Not Aftonbladet, Expressen - one of the more lurid tabloids around...

dad4justice said...

Oh no the Swedish fembots can't handle the backlash for their stinking thinking! Talking about "leftist blinkers" , ever wondered why deranged feminazis never admit their putrid ideology is detrimental to a balanced and healthy society. Male suicide rates are off the planet in Sweden and rising rapidly in feminist NZ, just the perfect Christmas present for a hateful and vindictive feminist like Demented.

ISeeRed said...

DenMT, you probably have a point, but you don't live in "the" country of Sweden, only one small corner of it. Have you lived in every neighborhood of every town and city? Have you befriended and do you converse regularly with hundreds of Swedish citizens from every stratum of society and every walk of life? Have you devoted yourself to intensive study of the language, history, folklore, literature, music, customs, etc. of Sweden? If not, it can't be assumed your knowledge of current Swedish affairs and their contextual importance is that much broader or deeper than someone one who's never visited the place.

I live in a country in SE Asia, and I'm hardly an ex-pat expert simply by virtue of living and working in one suburb in one city here. If anything, the assumption you must know better than anyone else can only make you blind to your own ignorance on many matters. I sometimes run into in-your-face know-it-all blowhards who have lived here longer than me, yet are totally oblivious to or hopelessly misinformed about many of the going-ons here. If I dare to venture a contrarian or alternative opinion, I usually get a variation of "What would you fucking know? I've lived here longer than you, mate!" Your denfese isn't that much different.

(And yes, I think the concern about the swelling Muslim immigrant population in Sweden and other Nordic/European countries *might* be overblown. I also think there's a tendency for the media there to underreport on immigrant crime and related problems, while many locals don't even want to think about it. What's the Swedish for "Ignorance is bliss"?)


DenMT, I was keen to hear of your experience of the matter.
True I do look at blogs of a certain persuasion, but call it balance if you like, I am keen to hear an opposing view.
I did admit to the limits of Fjordman's coverage. His commentarty has not been followed up by the MSM.
Now whether that reflects more on Fjordman or the MSM is open to debate.
Indeed, that is what this blog likes, debate.
While No Minister is generally of a rightist bent, we have a more diverse range of opinions from its contributors than you might find on other blogs.
This is why I hope you find us more interesting, thought provoking or indeed 'offensive' than other blogs too.

WAKE UP said...
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WAKE UP said...

Sorry guys (previous deleted post) - too many Christmas typos :)

Here we are:

As I've often found in my profession, being out here at the end of the world (NZ :) we often get a broader and more diversely-sourced information flow than those who are actually in the eye of the hurricane do.

Many's the time I've said to someone from overseas, who I'm working with, something along the lines of "I see that so-and-so is happening in such-and-such a place..." expecting that they'll know about it because it's about their home country/business/neighbouring country/whatever/etc - and they'll reply "Really? I didn't know that".