Thursday, December 25, 2008

Left happy at recession

Peace and goodwill is NOT breaking out this week from left wing MPs in ZanuLiarbore.
The Daily Express reported a few days back that left-wing UK Liarbour MPs are pleased to see the recession as it shows a crisis in capitalism.
So much for fraternal greetings when it will be the brothers and sisters that will suffer greatly from the recession with perhaps a million losing their jobs and tens of thousands their homes.
So speaks the warmth and compassion of socialism.
I wonder if anyone has said anything as stupid in New Zealand lately?
Has Chris trotter been behaving himself.
I have tried finding the link, but cannot and the library shuts shortly.

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Anonymous said...

It's not a recession: it's a depression.

I call it the Labour Depression (democratic depression in the US). Becausevit was caused by the policies of the labour and democratic parties.
And yes trotter has suggested that people steal from their employers if they don't think they're being paid enough- and leaked emails from nz's lung special branch show that unions and activists are planning economic terrorism to try to destroy John Key.

Meanwhile retail spending and confidence are some of the lowest recorded.

No merry Xmas for nz after labour.
No happy new year either.

The only silver lining is that even radio nz admits the landslide against labour (hidden by mmp) is the largest since at least ww2.

Perhaps one day soon Key will start acting like it.