Saturday, December 20, 2008

Herald Makes News - Up

For at least three days now the Antique Media has been carrying stories about the imminent expulsion from Fiji of new Zealand's Acting High Commissioner. Today The Herald chimes in. These stories have all been based on no more than one - yes, just one - piece of speculation by just one Fijian outlet, to the effect that the expulsion will take place 'today.' Today, that is, for three days running.

Radio NZ has broadcast ponderous ponderings from Labour's Phil Goff and Helen Clark, both offering the advice of the vanquished to their National Party conquerors. Adolf has not heard any comment from either the prime minister or the foreign minister.

Meanwhile, the lady appears to remain unbanished.

That folks, is how newspapers are wrote.

Update: David Farrar (who should know better) reports the expulsion as a fait accompli.

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pdm said...

Xtra say she has now been sent home.

Seemed a silly move to send a woman to Fiji in the first place. Anyone with any brains that Fiji and particularly the Fiji Matagali do not have the same respect for women that they do for men.