Saturday, December 20, 2008

Helen Kelly on the job

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said all workers should be able to get similar increases


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It is SOOOOOOOO satisfying to do that to some of the ignorant pricks who push their way into our gentile and civilized home.

The phrase 'disappear forever' gives one the momentary power of shouting to a firing squad the command 'fire.'

Anonymous said...

Whaleoil wants a commission to regulate unionists.

I want a commission to regulate "unionists" - noone who is a labourist or a unionist or a greenist or anything else like that should be able to work for any government job, vote, or claim any kind of benefit whatsoever.

As to unions - well they should be banned: their assets turned over the the employer organisations as some recompense for the expense they suffered due to the existence of unions.

And most importantly, I'd take the law back to before Blackball: any conspiracy or organisation
(and the members singly thereof) that costs employers or companies money is liable for the full costs of that, plus damages

so if you put together some kind of "employee cartel" and "negotiate" a wage increase - well your cartel is liable for the full costs of the wage increase, in perpetuity.

Unionists vs Terrorists.

We've had both in NZ for far to long: but the damage done by unionists is far, far worse.