Friday, December 19, 2008

Do we do 'battleaxes' in New Zealand?

The death of Kathy Staff, who played ‘battleaxe’ Norah Batty, a few days back, led the Daily Mail to look at the role of such women.
Self-confessed ‘battleaxe’ Edwina Currie, a former UK government minister who once shocked the nation with her affair with ex-PM John Major, penned the piece in Tuesday’s edition.
Such battleaxes were strong women she said, and she raised candidates to include leaders as diverse as Margaret Thatcher.
But battleaxes had a good and soft side too, Currie noted. Despite their hard-faced exterior, they had hearts of gold and always meant well.
The Daily Telegraph also paid tribute to this band of 'fearless and commanding' women but noted their days might be over.
So do we have battleaxes in New Zealand? Or are they a particularly British speciality.
I thought of Uncle Helen. Does she count? Or does she fail in the heart of gold section?
Jenny Shipley maybe, indeed ‘BattleShipley’ was one name I have heard for her suggesting a tough, fiestyness in our first woman PM.
Maybe Ruth Richardson too.
So who are the Kiwi battleaxes?


PM of NZ said...

Heart? Yeah Right!

Anonymous said...

Richardson isn't a battleaxe:

She's a fucking national hero

If only, if only, we had someone with her courage in Parliament today!

Even Roger hasn't come out and said that the only sensible course is immediate asset sales, benefits cuts, and an end to state education and health!

WAKE UP said...

First, they have to be women, not some indeterminate gender. "Battleaxe" is a term of affection reserved for real, but tough, women.

dad4justice said...

Has Miss Klark got vinegar tits?