Sunday, December 21, 2008

Defending the indefensible.

As my fellow posters probably planned all along I have completely cannibalised my pitiful small group of readers by posting here and at my place. So I am going to reproduce my last post from Barnsley Bill here because I happen to think it is rather good!

Over at the Standard they have a new subject to rant about. It is a topic that is not unfamiliar to many on the right. Namely the complete dogs breakfast that is the upper echelons of our Police force. They have managed to wind themselves up into a pant wetting frenzy over it and are attracting quite a lot of comments. Basically they are revealing day by day more details of the activities of the ironically named Special Investigations Group, the clown they had on the payroll, his activist girlfriend and the different entities that were allegedly being spied on.

They are calling for an inquiry into this group.
BUT, I want it to be far more comprehensive.
We need to go right back to peter Ellis, the sounds murders, the Bain murders and forward to what influence both real and implied Helen Clark has had over the police since she told bare faced lies to the Wellington paper about Peter Doone. it needs to encompass every time the Police failed to bring charges against people who were members of the labour party.. WHICH IN FACT WAS EVERYTIME. With the exception of Field, but not until he had been booted by Labour.

I have made these points at the Standard and brought up the subject of Len Richards the ginga pugilist who should have been charged with assault in my opinion.

My post..

A comment at the Standard by Lynn Prentice.

"bb: Basically you are wrong in the Len Richards incident. What I saw when I looked at the footage was a tight crowded situation and someone getting knocked by a megaphone when Len moved."

You cn click through the comment to have a look at the thread, there are some reasonable comments on the thread form both left and right viewpoints.

And here is the footage of Len Richards "someone getting knocking by a megaphone when Len moved"

You decide?

Now have another look and check how many cameras and cops were lined up behind him.

The clip is by Darth Blogger and the usual thanks are proffered.


Anonymous said...

Prentice is a dickhead who sits in a darkened room in his stained underwear playing with computers. His reality consists of HALO, DOOM, and a dogeared copy of Penthouse...

Barnsley Bill said...

You may well be right. But I would never make that assertion about him.
If you had made that comment at the standard you would be deleted, banned and have a 500 word sanctimonious essay (in bold) placed where your comment was.

Clever Blonde said...

Re the Sounds murders.

Recently there was an update to a
story about Natalie Holloway who disappeared in Aruba in 2005.

The guy implicated in it has now revealed that a guy on a boat offered him $10K for her.

Details here:

Wonder if Watsons role in the Sounds was similar and it is a case of slave trafficing.

Barnsley Bill said...

I doubt watson had any role in those murders at all. The lead cop in that case is now 2IC at police HQ.

Anonymous said...

Inquiries. How fucking lefty. How pathetic. How weak.

Governments should govern, not inquiries. Inquiries are what you do - when you know what to do but don't have the courage to do it

In this case, what needs to be done is clear:
- replace the leadership of the police
- arm the force to take on the gangs
- reform the pathetic SIG as a serious Special Branch
- and go after the losers who are breaching the Special Branch's operational security
- close down the unions and the labour party
- call the Labour party to the bar of the house
and jail them for crimes against democracy

Barnsley Bill said...

But first we should burn down the Reichstags and blame labour for it.

Ollo Chubb said...

I agree BB, an inquiry is needed that goes all the way, Helen Clark and her cronies included. Royal commission, whatever, just do it.
I no longer have any trust in the NZ Police since observing the goings on over the last 10 years, before that I did not take much notice as I was not interested, so maybe in goes further back I don't know. More than likely.
The fish rots from the head down (failure of leadership). I have seen cops on the street treating the average Joe with contempt more than once lately. This needs to stop. FFS someone take out the trash.

dad4justice said...

Please, please, please hold an inquiry dating way back.Society should not accept police corruption in any form whatsoever. It is well due, so the police can lift their overall integrity.

mawm said...

BB - just because I don't often comment on your blog does not mean that I don't read it ;)

The femnazis got their enquiry into police behaviour starring recidivist rape victim Nichols, so now we need the rest of the cupboard to be cleaned out - and labours politisation of the police exposed.

If we want a true democracy, the police and judiciary have to be squeaky clean and above politics.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog,you have good subjects :)

Anonymous said...

female recidivist rape victim
fingerfuck yourself FUCKER
merry christmas tossier

Anonymous said...

And a merry Christmas to you to Anon.

One reason why I have little sympathy for the serial liar Nichols is the completly unhinged and rabid reaction from 'supporters' such as yourself.

Hows about trying to conduct yourself in public with a bit more decorum and maturity eh?



Uncle Helen has been copying too much from ZanuLiarbore.
In the past week or so, in the UK, we have had two major cases of people not being found guilty of their alleged crimes.
There was the Rachel Nickell case, who was NOT killed by Colin Stagg.
There was also some babysitter who did not kill the baby in her care.
And this was on the same day.
And I think another miscarriage of justice was reported yesterday.

On the politicisation front, the police chief who called for the arrest of Tory MP Damian Green hit out at the Tory press and the Tory party for working toigether on a story on his wife's business activities that ran in the Mail on Sunday.
The Tory party denied any knowledge and involvement.
While the ZanuLiarbore Home Secretary is happy with her man , the Tories and the Lib-Dems are not.
Indeed, how can a police chief continue, having bitterly attacked the party that may well be government in 2009-2010?

But back to NZ. There have been enough blunders and politicsed decisions that certainly call for an inquest/ royal commission and indeed a clearout.

Anonymous said...

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