Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cold Keyboard

Adolf is giving up blogging.

Well, for a week or so.

As you read this, if you are silly enough to be awake at this hour, Adolf and The Cook are climbing aboard a taxi for Auckland Airport. We are off to visit youngest daughter, husband and offspring in a Western Australian city where people ponder on the importance of being earnest.

You might like to amuse yourselves figuring out our final destination.

Looking forward to lots of prawns, paddle crabs, dhufish, shiraz, cabarnet, malbec and Emu Bitter.

Back home by January 1st.

Meanwhile, to all who bother to read Adolf's scribblings:-

Best wishes for a peaceful and joyous Christmas and a useful New Year. Eat, drink, cherish your families and look after your children.


John said...

Have a great Christmas, a good break/holiday,as this comming year could be interesting. John

Anonymous said...


Lou Taylor said...

Merry Christmas to you Adolf.
Have a safe and enjoyable trip

Anonymous said...

We hope you and the acting high commissioner to Fiji have a great holiday, Adolf.

Dave Mann said...

A very Merry Christmas to you, Adolf, and a Happy and Optimistic New Year - and also to everyone who comments on this fine blog. Have a good one guys!


Merry Christmas Adolf and to the rest of our team, which also includes our viewers/readers and commenters.