Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A change will do you good???:

The economic news from Britain grows grimmer by the day.
scenarios of 3 million or ten per cent unemployment seem realistic now, rather than fanciful.
A bucketload of retailers are expected to go bust in the New Year.
The doom is deepening, but will this plummeting confidence further spiral Bankrupt Britain's decline and depression?
I thought of a contrast in New Zealand, where the change of government had leapt to a leap in consumer confidence in two very recent Roy Morgan polls.
Last week's poll noted growing support for National too, up three to 47%, while Liarbour's decline continued.
So how much do changes of government affect things?
Until I saw the very latest grim commentary from the Treasury, Whale Oil and David Farrar , I thought New Zealand might be spared from the worst, though it seems China's Farm will do better than Bankrupt Britain.
Meanwhile, there is no chance of an immediate change of government here to deliver a seachange or fresh start for Britain. However, there remains speculation Brown may call an election sometime next year hoping to cash in on a depression he did not cause, but through his own actions, certainly made worse.

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Anonymous said...

though it seems China's Farm will do better than Bankrupt Britain.

Perhaps. But we're still looking at more like 15% unemployment, and ten years of depression.

We have a simple choice:
* make things easier for us by finally getting rid of welfare, socialist health, and socialist education now.
* watch as "labour lite" slice and dice it over the next 10 years

simple mathematics says the best thing to do is to finish with the entire socialist mirage in one go, NOW