Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bula Journalism At Its best

Here's an example of Fijian journalism at its best, dated Sunday 21st December.

This is why Fijian newspapers are such a joy to read. Their journos have a knack of publishing the really important bits. None of the po faced hectoring lectures beloved by pinko scribes masquerading as reporters in NZ media. Fijians have the art of turning trivia into affairs of state - always with a little smile behind the oh so serious facade.

Oh and by the way, please note the Acting NZ HC has not been deported (Adolf eagerly awaits the first NCEA encumbered NZ hack's reference to her 'pending deportment.') as widely reported by our newspapers radio stations and TV channels.

"Days after Fiji’s interim Government threatened to expel New Zealand’s envoy here, talks continue between Suva and Wellington in search of a compromise.

“There are attempts on both sides to resolve the issue and that’s where things are at the moment,” said interim Government spokesman Major Neumi Leweni.....

.........However, with only hours remaining, it seems that Government officials are still trying to negotiate a way out of the impasse......

........Interim Immigration Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau said he was not aware of any order to remove the New Zealand acting high commissioner.

“Nothing has come through to me,” he said."

So there you have it. Cut through the media inspired sensationalist crap and you begin to get an idea of what is really going on. Yes folks, everybody is still talking and negotiating.

Here's the real deal though:-

"Fiji’s interim Prime Minister and acting Foreign Affairs Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, meanwhile, was spotted after mid-day today amongst the bustling Suva crowd at a busy department store in the capital’s CBD, appearing seemingly oblivious to the simmering diplomatic row.

Bainimarama was seen later with wife Mary cooling off at a New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream kiosk and overheard asking for “more nuts” on his ice-cream."

Note well
the cruel dictator, so reviled and hated by the down trodden populace, is wandering around department stores in down town Suva and consuming ice cream at a footpath kiosk.

Hardly the image fostered by Clark, Peters and their blogging sympathizers.


pdm said...

And so `the Fiji way' continues.

Perhaps John Key could get himself over to Suva and have a `one on one' chat with Frank. Things may then start to happen.

Psycho Milt said...

Hardly the image fostered by Clark, Peters and their blogging sympathizers.

So Fijians, like other Third Worlders, have no problem doing without democracy and the rule of law as long as the dictator is keeping things ticking along OK? No mismatch there with my image of the place, let me tell you.

pdm said...

pm - it is a shame that Fiji has deteriorated to the extent it has but I am not sure you can blame Bainimarama for that.

When we visited Suva in August 2004for the first time since we left in 1977 I couldnot believe the contrast. The trend was starting while we were living there (1974-1977) as the push came to break away from the old British Colonial rule.

Quite simply the people were not ready for that and the best thing they could have done for the country was to have slowed the process and spread it over a futher 20 or so years.

The Grand Pacific Hotel (GPH) is a prime example. When we lived in Suva it was a magnificent establishment with a high class restaurant and accomodation - in 2004 it was an unoccupied shell. What waste.

It seems to me that Bainimarama is on the right track to turn the situation around. Qarase and others will not and if anything along with Rabuka have probably contirbuted to the demise of Fiji to the Third World Status you refer to.

One may not agree with the way Bainimaram has gone about it but when he has the support of the majority of the indian populace as well as the `common' Fijians it seems he is on the right track.

The Key Government has the opportunity to change tack, get alongside him and maybe we will then see progress.

Anonymous said...

Acting NZ High commissioner deported. Looks like the NZ media is more accurate after all.

Anonymous said...

As long as the illegal regime keeps deporting publishers it won't get any better