Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why Is This Case Being Brought?

Our police can't charge a Labour Party member who bashed a spectator with a megaphone while in full view of a close by officer, they couldn't investigate the theft of Dr Brash's e-mails until a year had drifted by, the then Prime Minister's own fraudulent activities were pushed aside but we can hire a PI to watch the bloody world cup rugby to see if naughty TV3 ran a few adverts on Sunday morning?

Why the hell did they just not set their VCRs to record the damned thing?

Well the answer is, of course, that the Ministry of Culture and Heritage doesn't sully it's intellectual fingers with Rugby. After all the Minister has instructed that Rugby is only to be used for prime ministerial photo opportunities. It is NOT something cultured people of heritage would or should ever watch.

What an appalling waste of tax payers' money. I wonder how many courses of Herceptin or other life preserving non funded drugs could have been funded instead of this fiasco.


observer said...

Hopefully the new Minister will instruct the Ministry on how to procede in future.

Actually, we better hope not!.. That might lead to a situation where the Ministry hires a communications specialist to facilitate workshops to explain the new approach to everyone. Those workshops will require meetings to arrange, which will require meetings to agree the invitees to the meetings to arrange, as well as requiring meetings to agree the terms of reference to be issued to the market to enable the selection of a consultant, followed by meetings to assess the responses by possible consultants, followed by meetings to agree the contractual terms to be negotiated with the consultant, followed by meetings to assess the requests for changes made by the preferred consultant, followed, followed by meetiongs to . . . . . . . .


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The new minister (who is it?) should issue immediate instructions for the proceedings to be withdrawn. What will be the savings in legal bills? $200k? $500k?

Anonymous said...

I want to know the names of the Ministry officals who wasted my tax money on this shambles
I want to see them appear before the Truth and Retribution Committee where sentence will be pronounced and carried out


Pique Oil said...

Many totalitarian regimes have used ministries of culture,and the like, to push their agendas. What exactly does this ministry do?
The new minister for culture is Finlayson.
The website for this abomination is
is an explanation of what the ministry thinks cultural well being is all about.
Finlayson has enough on his plate without this sort of crap. Razor Rodney could start here and no one would know they had gone

WAKE UP said...

I always hope the Police/Justice portfolios would go to Rodney Hide, but maybe John Key figured that might have been a bit too bauble-like. Fair enough - but there's no doubt that ol' Rodney would sort this kind of thing out real quick.

Never mind, the general trend is good, with the probable upside that some of the people who have infested our lives and our media in recent years (Gregory Fortuin springs to mind) may be heard from no more.