Friday, November 21, 2008

Who are the top political journalists?

Here's something to think about.
Who are the top political journalists in New Zealand?
Top UK Blogger Iain Dale has compiled a list of 100 of the English variety!
Maybe we should be more modest and just call for a few suggestions.
Where will Fran Mold appear?
Anyway, I'm sure the other Fran, O'Sullivan will be in there somewhere.
So please, send us your suggestions.

Ian Dale must have a thing about lists, and why not.
He also has a list of the most fanciable journalists.
So as it's a Friday evening, why not? Let's hear those.
Who do we also think are the most fanciable.
And I bet it's another area, where Fiscal Fran will score higher than the Mould, despite their decades apart.
Of course, we can include the guys.
So who's the best of the Espiner brothers? for example!


Anonymous said...

In almost every case, tarring and feathering would be too good for the pack of big government propagandist bastards. They have completely abdicated their responsibility to challenge and question big government and are instead pathetic lap dog advocates for Progressivism/ Socialism. Not worth spit.

Anonymous said...

I'd probably shag Kathryn Ryan, despite her manly stride.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Fran Mold was left off the APEC plane???
Guyon was the one reporting on John Key in Peru at 6 pm. Anybody know why?

Barnsley Bill said...

because he is the political editor and as such gets the plum assignments.
And it probably helped that he is a good 40 kilos lighter as well.

Patrick Starr said...

Fran Mold ????

She's in NZ working hard on her movember