Sunday, November 23, 2008

When government becomes a joke!

There are bloggers out there that have little faith in Britain's Liarbour government.
Gordon Brown is seen as the butt of their jokes.
But what can we say of this delicious story in Britain's weekend papers.
And one of them has been cancelled after it was revealed an al-queda terrorist was to take part.
"Prisons should be places of punishment and reform, and providing educational, training and constructive pursuits is an essential part of this. But the types of courses available, and the manner in which they are delivered must be appropriate in every prison.”
That was a comment from Justice secretary Jack Straw.
Now, you cannot make it up can you.
But Britain certainly seems to have travelled down the silly road of socialism than we have under Helengrad.
Oh what fun I will have on my return.
No wonder those UK bloggers I often steal copy from are so bitter and biting with fodder like this to feast on!

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Anonymous said...

While happy for inmates to be given an opportunity to develop skills for employment on their release, it does seem a little premature for the Mr. Al! Having served less than 1 year of his 18 year sentence, I would have thought he could wait a decade or so to begin his work-skill development.

Mind you, I can see a place for it, like 'have you heard about the christian who volunteered to work for Al Qaeda? He went off like a bomb.