Saturday, November 1, 2008

What of Winston's Future?

If Winston is charged and convicted under the Crimes Act for bribery, he will likely do some time and upon release will need a job as he won't be able to live on NZ Superannuation. Presumably if convicted, he will forfeit his parliamentary retirement baubles.

The big question is, who would employ him?

He wouldn't get a job working for the Sallies, or CAB, or the Maori Party, or BNZ but maybe one of his mates in the thoroughbred industry might find a spot for him and pay him $100k per year plus unlimited hairdressing behind the back of the stables. (Well you know they do have hair dressers for race horses.)

What the hell would he do though? Hasn't got much experience. Can't ride a horse, can't shovel shit in the morning, wouldn't know how to mix a proper nutritious feed for a nag so what to do?

Ahaaah! I've got it.

He's about the right height and build for wanking stallions into a bottle for artificial insemination.

After all, now it's plain to see he's spent his whole life jerking off New Zealand.


Hoss Cartwright said...

Hot diggety dawg, you've given me waking night"mares". Winnie underneath a horse getting his cardio, and he smokes 60 a day....

mawm said...

I hope he has been gelded before they set him out to pasture - we wouldn't like hime to sire anything

pdm said...

If he shovelled shit he would have a reason for his constant sweats.