Thursday, November 27, 2008

Whale Oil In Restrained Mode

The following post by Whaleoil is reproduced in its entirety because it says exactly what Adolf thinks on this shameful aspect of what once was a proud nation.

"There is much angst around following the Nia Glassie case. Garth George has written an article and DPF has taken exception to it.

I think they both are missing the point.

We have become a society that tolerates and indeed allows violence against children it is just a matter of where you draw the line that is the argument.

Garth George draws the line at conception and David Farrar draws the line at birth. (I think, perhaps he would like to clarify when it is ok to kill babies and when it is not.)

My view is that we are indeed a sick society at whatever point we kill and excuse it away with weasel words like foetus, procedure, first trimester etc.

Likewise my view about most of the recent cases of horrific child abuse is that they are no more and no less anything but late term abortions. The simple fact is that the parents of the children had no more respect for the life of the child than someone having a “procedure”.

You see if we accept that you can kill children at up to 21 weeks from conception then why not at birth or why not at 5 years old, or even 18 just before they can vote. For me there is no difference. The Nia Glassie’s and Kahui twins are simply late term abortions by parents who no longer respected the life of their child. As long as we fail to respect human life then we will continue to get these case and no one should be at all shocked by it all."


Lucyna Maria said...

What a fantastic post by WhaleOil and an amazing article by Garth George! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

WHY DO ISLANDERS AND MAORIS KILL OFTEN? AND KILL EVERY SECTION OF OUR POPULATION ie young old their own race or any other race, kids the elderly, .I have figured it out, the BROS HAVE FUCKEN BAD GENES, and general nastyness and stupidity, ie if you wear a cap sideways and say bro or boss you are a fuckwit, and come from a long breed of fuckwits, my thoughts

Madeleine said...

Well said indeed.

David Farrar's argument question begs, of course abortion is not child abuse if you assume that the fetus is just tissue, and makes false, but pervasive, assumptions that planned children are less likely to be abused than unplanned; the reverse is the truth.

I hope you don't mind but in the spirit of advancing liberal arguments against abortion, here is a link to our series the illiberality of abortion.

farmer baby boomer said...

Great post by Whale Oil.Thanks for reproducing it Adolf. For some reason Whales blog is not opening fully for for me.I just get the Whale Oil Beef Hooked banner - the rest of the page is blank.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip.

there is a huge difference between a hardworking, taxpaying Kiwi - or someone who might grow up to become one - and someone who will be on benefits or WWF all their lives.

If you want a distinction between dependent and individual that is the only one that matters. Not who is inside the womb our outside it.

If you support abortion, then logically you must support abortion if financial dependents by those who have to pay for them - at whatever age they may be.

At the very least, you have absolutely no moral argument whatsoever as to why we should have to keep paying for them all.

Anonymous said...

Very wise insights by Garth George, and scary. To think the abuse is going to get worse, not better, not less. Abortion undermines the value of children, simple as that, will the Roe Versus Wade case ever be reversed? Doubt it, somehow. (Nat)

ZenTiger said...

I see that Garth George is already being attacked at various other blogs by drawing erroneous conclusions from his points.

Firstly, it is sexist to point out that women are different emotionally and physically than men (in general). Apparently pointing out this truth seems to allow the conclusion that therefore Garth thinks women are unequal. Wrong.

Secondly, many have missed the point about having a regard for life, and think a discussion on abortion is irrelevant. In the specific, it may be. As a symptom of attitudes in society that are in fact two edged swords, it has great relevance.

Unfortunately, I have no time at the moment to wade in with any depth. But this topic will keep. If anything, more and more opportunities to discuss will continue to arise.

Redbaiter said...

What makes a man different to a highly sophisticated robot?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's good to see variety on a blog. In this thread we have 'different than' from Zen and 'different to' from Red.

For goodness sake chaps. Are you applying for jobs as Radio NZ news writers?

It's 'different FROM' and 'similar TO.'

ZenTiger said...

Sadly Adolf, I'm overqualified for that position, in spite of my poor grammar.

I blame the government, who/which/whom/what should assign an editor for every blog to ensure NCEA standards are/is maintained.

Clunking Fist said...

"We have become a society that tolerates and indeed allows violence against children"

Fuck off: it is only some worthless individuals that "tolerates and indeed allows" this to happen, not society.

Angry anon thinks itssomething to do with being brown. I suggest he looks at the baby P case in the UK.

Psycho Milt said...

What a fantastic post by WhaleOil and an amazing article by Garth George! Bravo!

Lucyna: here's a direct quote from George:

The assumption by so many women of the roles traditionally exclusive to men has left many men in confusion, frustration and anxiety, and more are lashing out because they feel their maleness is under threat.

In other words, women get the bash if they threaten men's masculinity by getting traditionally male jobs, so they should stick to teaching and nursing. Could you explain in what sense you, as a woman, feel inspired to write "Bravo!" to such a sentiment?

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree with your comments on abortion.