Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well done Paula!

One of the Herald reporters who was a delight with her balance, fairness and honesty, was Paula Oliver, its political reporter.
Stuff today reports a couple of appointments and there will be more to follow.
There looks set to be quite a change of faces around the Beehive in the comms/media scene. I saw the Greens advertising in the Weekend Herald, looking to appoint its media team for the new year.
I understand that the new government is seeking many senior people.
My view is that a government with many new faces will need some more experienced hands, and there will be those from the Bolger/Shipley era seeking and gaining such work too .
The state of the media, with many retrenchments at newspapers and the like, also means there are many experienced hands available.
My PR industry contacts also tell me that their businesses are suffering too, so there will be many talented people seeking such work.
This is good for John Key, since as a newbie government with much to do, National and ACT will have much to do to put across their message and 'sell' their policies.
It's not about spin but the government will certainly have its hands full countering a sometimes or rather often suspicious media, so such talent will be sorely needed.
So good luck to Paula and all the others coming on board. I wonder who else there will be?


Anonymous said...

Business as usual and we thought the socialists were bad.

Hiring underway at Parliament

Wednesday, 26, Nov, 2008 11:28AM

Hiring is underway at Parliament as political parties prepare for the new Government.

National has already picked up new media and advisory staff. Senior TV3 reporter Stephen Parker is tipped to be working for Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee, while New Zealand Herald political reporter Paula Oliver has been picked up by the Prime Minister's office.

Former Foreign Affairs advisor Brad Tattersfield is understood to be working for Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.

Meanwhile the Green Party is after a new media coordinator, two media advisors and at least three executive assistants for their senior MPs.

MandM said...

You have officially been tagged by MandM :-)

Anonymous said...

we freedom fighters will subject the Nats/Act spin doctors to the same level of scrutiny as we did the Socialists/Communists

Paid liars and still paid liars


Anonymous said...

Ha! The best get shoulder-tapped, the Greens have to advertise because no one in their right mind who has any talent would want to be shoulder-tapped to work for that mismatched bunch of commie fuckups.

Psycho Milt said...

One of the Herald reporters who was a delight with her balance, fairness and honesty, was Paula Oliver, its political reporter.Paula is joining John Key's press office...

I've been trying to decide whether this sentence demonstrates the foolishness of the idea that media bias is leftwards, or the foolishness of the idea that electing National would reduce the number of journos hired by the PM to become spin doctors. Finally the answer came: it actually demonstrates both at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Don't let your 'disability' make you a curmudgeon, Milt, you lefty fuckwit.


Oh PM! You are a one!
Paula Olivcer is one of the special journos who was fair.
So unlike, Brian Rudman, say.

And if John Key is keeping the same number of comms staff as Liarbour, then maybe the future for journos in NZ is not as bad a s feared.

I guess they will be kept busy with all that change.


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