Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'We Welcome Competition'

Thus spake the senior executive from Progressive Enterprises this morning.

He was using Radio Left Wing News in support of his company's disgraceful seventeen year attempt to shut out Pak n Save from the North Shore region. The man even had the effrontery to slag off North Shore City Council which has acted entirely within the law. He reminds me of the IRD with its 'We're Here to Help' slogan and/or the Nazis with their 'Work Makes Free' greeting to the Jews as they arrived at Auschwitz.

The 3M site is zoned for a wide variety of business uses and lies just 200m from the Northern Motorway. Photo / Supplied

Adolf suggests to the bullshitters from Progressive that they front up and tell the public of North Shore how much money they have wasted on this anti-consumer endeavour over seventeen years and then tell us how much we would have saved it they had deducted that from the price of goods sold in their Northcote, Glenfield and Sunnynook supermarkets over that period.

We welcome competition indeed! Just like Labour welcomes openness and transparency.

The Commerce Commission should be in here, boots and all.


Anonymous said...

To see the effect that a close Pak N Save has on a Foodtown go to Sylvia Park - the Foodtown there must be the cheapest around!

The only ones doing well out of this endeavor are the lawyers.

WWallace said...

The behaviour of Progressive only makes us more determined to shop at the new Pak N Save when it opens (and save money by not having to drive to Albany).

If Progressive were serious about welcoming competition, they would've relinquished one of the TWO supermarkets they own in Glenfield mall (Countdown and Foodtown) that are "competing" against each other. (Insert Tui ad here.)

Anonymous said...

Another case (if needed) to get rid of the weasel clauses in the RMA that allow this kind of wasteful nonsense.

How about a special fart tax on resource management act lawyers until the law changes? Might be an incentive for them to retrain for something of more use to society ... like helping the courts to clear their backlog.

Anonymous said...

we've discussed this and have decided as a family that we'll do our big shop at Pak n Save until this is sorted.

More importantly we won't be shopping at any progressive store until the other store is open.

hey we're only worth a few hundred a month but if enough of us boycott them until the other store is open it's a start against corporate greed in the country.

Anonymous said...

Just written to the Progressive Board with our decision.

What about you?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

MikeNZ, likewise.

Anonymous said...

Calling for the Communist Commission to intervene is missing the point, Adolf.

The RMA and silly bloody DCP's, blah blah are at fault here with all their regulations. So why would you fix govt with even more govt?

The last govt was turfed out for a variety of reasons, one being excessive red tape and all that goes with it.

Better to reduce, rather than invoke even more don't you think?