Monday, November 24, 2008

Thompson Charged With Fraud

Mary Anne Thompson has been charged with fraud surrounding the now infamous immigration applications for members of her family.

I'm no expert on these things but 'fraud' sounds a bit severe, especially when compared with some of the shenanigans got up to by our erstwhile Foreign Affairs Minister.

Of course there will be nothing done about the raft of senior public servants who failed to properly check her credentials.

Adolf is waiting for the day when Mr Jones has his day in court.


Anonymous said...

The guy the Maoris hired did jail didn't he? Why shouldn't she?

Barnsley Bill said...

It has begun..

Let us hope that now they have crossed the rubicon and charged one we see many more of the previous regimes leaders and hench people dragged before the courts.

Barnsley Bill said...

Absolutely right Red, a precedent for cv fraud has been established..

Anonymous said...

the members of the Truth and Retribution Committee look forward to hearing the cases of the Socialists and then passing the due sentence and carrying out same


Anonymous said...

Fruad would be about right.

What about the family that came in on her corrupt behaviour?
Have they been sent back and a press release issued so that we know all is well again and corrupt practices will not be tolerated in future?

Keeping Stock said...

Fraud bu using a document for pecuniary advantage if my limited knowledge of these matters is right. And a bloody good thing too! If she used a false CV to get a job and a fat salary, she should indeed face the wrath of the judiciary!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should subpoena JONES as a character witness.