Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday morning

Bernard Hickey once again makes required reading for the optimistic amongst us.
His analysis of where the chips have fallen is spot on.

And here's another good sign . There will be good buying out there for smart investors like these guys.

People will just have to cut their losses and move on. I have had to do a major restructure of how I run my business. Now the dust has settled, even though I've lost a bit of cash, I can see many opportunities opening up in the short term. I'll just be a bit leaner and hopefully smarter.

Matt McCarten really should move on. The election is over. His side lost. I can't believe that he gets paid to write this crap, let alone get it published.


Madeleine said...

I forgot how much drivel McCarten talks.

Matt and I once sat next to him and Leila Harre and a few others at a Henderson Thai restaurant not long after the big Alliance split. (I should note that by "sat next to" I mean our table happened to be near theirs, my support of the Alliance having died many years earlier)

You'd think McCarten and Harre would have be seasoned enough politicians to not have their strategy meetings in public restaurants but alas no. Our nice romantic dinner was ruined by McCarten loudly ranting non stop extreme leftist drivel all night. I recall lots of unionist terminology in particular.

Mark said...

Hasn't the retard noticed that the NZ economy was in recession nearly a full year before the US economy has had one quater of negatvie economic growth, and that was at a time of record commodity prices for NZ exports.

Lefties are so ignorant about economics it's enough to make you cry.

And personally I am against the ball-out in the US, it's only going to make the problem worse and for longer.

Clunking Fist said...

Matt says "Barack Obama, who doesn't appear to have any spare time to go touristing. He's too busy trying to save the American economy and, by extension, ours."

Actually, I think the poor fellow is bogged down trying to fill all the appointments... with the same faces seen before. Wheres the change, there's no change.