Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snowvember greets the end of climate change

Fresh nails on the coffin of climate change are falling with each flake of November snow.

My parents place in lowland Yorkshire enjoyed a light covering of snow on Sunday, the earliest snow they had had for some time.

I certainly cannot remember snow in November when I was a lad in the 1970s and 1980s.

November was the month of frost and fog.

But this year Britain has experienced early snow, as it did last month.

Other major snowfalls have been reported across Scandinavia.

And ouir friends across the Tasman, like the South Island, are also experiencing snow even though we are almost in summer.

But in case you think one snowstorm doesn't herald an ice age, the evidence against Global Warming is mounting.

Maybe the climate is changing, but changing back to what it was!


Inventory2 said...

"I certainly cannot remember snow in November when I was a lad in the 1970s and 1980s."

Don't you mean "when I were a lad"?

Skyman said...

Unusally cold in the Washington, DC area too. Mid-winter temperatures instead of mid-autumn.
No snow yet but plenty cold.

We did have the Veteran's Day Blizzard in 1987. 11.5 inches of snow on Nov. 11.

Heine said...

Minus 10 in Norway as well!

Anonymous said...

Back a few years before the Global Warming Panic there was a period of Global Cooling (1945-77, if I recall my dates correctly). Concern about the future wellbeing of mankind on a colder earth emerged.

So it follows that we should now begin a new crusade for burning fossil fuel and doing everything in man's power to raise the temperature of the earth so that we can grow enough food to sustain our population ....

Maybe George Bush in his retirement could get oil industry funding and make a film and tour the world promoting the idea?

Sus said...

Nice, Anon! :)

I was at high school here in the late 70s. Even though I hated science, I distinctly remember my teacher telling us that we were 100,000 years overdue for an ice age, and that the world was cooling rapidly.

Those same guys seem to change their tune completely only a few years later ...