Saturday, November 29, 2008

SNN signs off for summer break

One of the things I enjoy listening to is Shire Network News.
The podcast usually comes out weekly, but the team has just given their first show this week since the US elections and they are taking a break until the new Year.
The podcast aims to 'defend the Anglosphere throught satire' and takes a strong anti-Islamist stance, though on many issues it is somewhat diverse.
I was introduced to the site by blogger Rick Giles and I hope I have introduced a few No Minister readers and contributors to it too.
Anyway, the team are a bit dejected following the ascension of the ObamaMessiah, so this week's show featured a debate on where the show might be going wrong. There was even a view the show was not Conservative or polemic enough, since it has tended to play things straight factually.
Well, I wish the contributors to Shire Network News a well earned break and I hope they return soon fighting fit, with the aim to help the Western World wake up to the Islamist threat around us.
How ironic its final show of the year came as the Islamists carried out yet another major atrocity.
So as Shire Network News takes a break, we are reminded why the show is essential listening.
PM, please put SNN on our blog roll, thank you. You have until the New Year.
PS Which of our contributors and commentators have listened to SNN? What did you think of it?


Ollo Chubb said...

SNN is a way cool podcast. It's well put together and is very professional and a joy to listen to. I started downloading it a couple of years ago I think, I haven't done for a while for some reason but will now put it back on my 'must download' list - thanks for reminding me.

Ackers said...

Excellent comic value FFM. I love the fact that they are so 'exauhsted', god knows why, I guess the good fight against the jihadis must be hard physical work. Also funny that they recognise they have few listeners, one even suggests that there must be many 'closet' conservative!

What takes the cake is their delusion that they aren't polemicists.

Bottom line, it unexpectedly funny, ecellent comedy.

Rick said...

SNN has really lost its edge in the last 18mths.

It really jumpped the shark for me in September last year with the interview with the Pigman comicbook writer.

Way too much Islamophobia. That's at the outter root of what needs a tune-up in the producer's head.