Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rodney to the throne!

I'm flushed with happiness with Rodney Hide.
And I'm not yanking anybody's chain!
But our hyperactive member for Epsom was on Close Up just now talking about toilets.
Apparantly, current rules means a new toilet can need eight inspections and building rules making projects cost thousands more than necessary, even a turd, I mean a third, of the total cost.
As regulatory responsibility minister Rodney was in fighting form, with another great interview with Mark Sainsbury.
We are certainly seeing how ACT is adding to the ACTion we are seeing from our National-led government.
This, coupled with Rodders also opposing the RMA follies concerning that North Shore supermarket clearly shows how ACT is lifting the lid on red tape and bureaucracy.
He seems to be on a roll, as well!!

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hazza said...

Isn't it great to have a government talking about reducing red tape.
Go Rodney!