Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rock bottom?

I came home from work feeling good today.

I've got a couple of projects lined up for next year and it seems I'll be borrowing money for them at around 3% less than what I'm paying this year. For good honest long term stuff this is the difference between a shit fight and sleeping well at night.

I'm beginning to think that the worst maybe over.

The graphs of the world may have leveled out. Billions of dollars have been created and spent. I don't profess to understand where this money has come from, printing presses would be my guess. At the end of the day money is a manmade invention, used and abused like any other commodity. All I know is that I will be treating cash with a lot more respect in the future.

As a wise man once said to me.
"Keep your hand on your cash and your cash at hand"
Don't trust men with big hats and no cattle"

We may be heading for a simpler world where every dollar of profit is a dollar earned and hopefully taxed lower.

As an aside, I heard Bruce Shepard giving Hanover a superb going over on 1ZB. It seems that they are hoping that $10 million cash is going to make all their problems disappear. If I had any money with them I would be on the phone to the recievers.

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sweetdisorder said...

I was all about to buy my first business a few weeks ago; right before the world's economies went tits up. I am still in the game, but will probably wait till end of first quarter next year.

Yep, agree about the interest rates, makes that side of the equation a load better now. But as the business I was looking was an importer/wholesaler I have to be happy the market to a degree still exists in a large enough quantity to want my products.