Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Return of the pointy-haired boss

Just been reading about the joys of having dim bulb pointy-haired boss Tony Ryall back in charge of health at The Dim-Post, NRT and MacDoctor. NRT is particularly good on why Ryall's pronouncements on A&E are crap. Anyone who's worked in management (hell, anyone who reads Dilbert) knows how managers respond to these kind of arbitrary performance measurement decrees.

It's a handy reminder that you can't get better govt by replacing the current failures with previous failures. As a chronic gimp, I'm a regular consumer in the health system. No matter what complaints my No Minister colleagues may have had about the health system under the last govt, I can assure them as a regular customer that my personal experiences of it were vastly improved under Labour, and the system under Ryall constituted a low point. I fully expect new lows to be achieved in the next few years, unless Key gets serious about stripping the dead wood out of his Cabinet.


Anonymous said...

PM, Not being sure what you were chronic in I did a googled of "gimp".
I decided you were not a "chronic GNU Image Manipulation Program" and were almost certainly a human of some form.
I thought that google saying, "Gimp is slang for an awkward, clumsy or ineffectual person" was a bit harsh.

At this moment I have my wife "hissing" at me, right in my ear!! She has rheumatoid arthritis and I know full well what any disability can mean. I will have to read your contributions more sympathetically.

On a more serious note, I hope you don't have to wait for the return of a Labour led government for further hospital treatment. They may be gone for some time.

Anonymous said...

The question isn't "Did Health get better under Labour", the question is "Did health get 3.5 Billion dollars worth better under Labour". The answer to that is "no".

Psycho Milt said...

David: apart from being excellent image manipulation software, "gimp" is an extremely offensive slang term for the disabled that I'd never use on anyone but myself.

I am handicapped (yes it fucking well is one, liberal euphemism fans) by type 1 diabetes. I was initially under the impression it was a condition simply filed under "bad luck mate" until I ran into the trained do-gooders of the medical profession, who assured me I had thereby joined the ranks of "the disabled," as though this were some kind of special achievement. I guess I should at least be grateful they didn't call it "differently abled" - I've yet to see what different abilities being unable to produce insulin has given me, apart from the rather dubious one of now being able to die slowly and unpleasantly if I stop injecting myself 4 times a day.

No worries though - I'll just have to take out medical insurance again. The fees are diabolical for people like me, but it got me through Ryall's last term as Minister of Health. Should work the same this time too.

Barnsley Bill said...

25 people have rated this post, methinks that may be a record here.
PM as a fellow gimp you have my empathy.. Although my gimpyness is of a much more masculine type.
I shall be posting on the health system in this country later this evening. A story which will be entitled something about Mary part 2, or state mandated euthanasia

Psycho Milt said...

So many people had an opinion but wouldn't express it? I'd love to know from all those people who gave me one star, on what basis do you disagree? You think that replacing current failed ministers with past failed ministers is actually a good idea? Please do elaborate.